Know Your Apples: Seven Varieties

Red Delicious: Named when a nurseryman in 1894 exclaimed," My that's delicious!" Sweet and juicy. Best for snacking; poor for baking.  Available year-round.

Golden Delicious:  Not related to Red Delicious.  Slightly elongated; sweet, juicy.  All-purpose apple-great for snacking, cooking, and baking.  Available September to June.


Red Rome (Rome Beauty) : Named for an apple-growing area in Ohio, not Italy.  Slightly tart.  Best for baking.  Available October to August.


Winesap: Granddaddy of American apples!  Wine - like flavor.  All purpose apple.  Available November to July.


Granny Smith: Mrs. Maria Smith nurtured the first seedling in the mid 1800's.  Mildly tart.  Best for snacking; good for baking.  Available all year-round.


McIntosh:  First apple tree planted by John McIntosh about 1811.  Two-toned red and green.  All purpose apple.  Available September to June.


Jonathan: Deep red; mildly tart, rich flavor.  Versatile apple-excellent for snacking and baking. Available September to August.