Canaan's Online Book Club isn't your average book club! It is actually an online literacy forum. This web site is designed to promote student literacy by encouraging students to read books over the course of the school year and share their thoughts about those books. In the process, this Book Club will also help students develop and practice their technology skills.




During the program, students will:

  • read books
  • engage in a conference forum online 
  • read and discuss reviews from the Canaan Book Club Web Site
  • write reviews to practice writing summaries,
    opinions and recommendations
  • write a reading response on any chapter or the entire book
  • read their reviews for feedback from their peers
  • publish their reviews on the Canaan Book Club Website


Click on the handprint to learn how to write a reading response. 




Canaan's Online Reading Club is meant as a place for students to share their love of reading. Reading great books opens new worlds to all who wish to enter.


Parents, you'll love being  able to see your child's work on the web. Pass it on to relatives and friends.

 It's a great way for family members to feel connected to the classroom! 

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