Teachers from Grade 2 - 6th will enjoy some of these links.



ANCIENT EGYPT WEBQUEST: http://www.iwebquest.com/egypt/ancientegypt.htm 

For elementary and middle school students--a truly excel- lent webquest to discover daily life, mummification, hieroglyphics, King Tut, and more. Creatively designed to engage students on missions (think Mission Impossible) to complete innovative assignments on their learning journey.

THE HIEROGLYPH TRANSLATOR: http://www.torstar.com/rom/egypt/egypt.html 

Type in a word or sentence, and immediately have your words converted into hieroglyphics. Have your students create their own dictionaries using this site, and incorporating some of the more frequent terms they come across while studying Ancient Egypt. 

WILD EGYPT -- AN ONLINE SAFARI: http://touregypt.net/wildegypt/ Choose between the Nile, land, or the Red Sea, and then follow along on a safari adventure, with plenty of informative script accompanying the photos.

 JANNA'S EGYPTIAN JOURNEY: http://www.astonvision.org.uk/journey.htm 

Explore the pictures on this journey through modern day Egypt, with just enough text for elementary children.

DRAW LIKE AN EGYPTIAN: http://www.cmi.k12.il.us/Urbana/projects/AncientCiv/egyptdraw/egyptdraw.html

    Your students will really enjoy this art lesson in drawing Egyptian style, and teachers will probably be surprised at the great results. 

LITTLE HORUS: http://www.horus.ics.org.eg/html/about_little_horus.html

 This website was designed specifically for elementary children studying Ancient Egypt, with information as well on Egypt in the present day. 

 FUN WITH HIEROGLYPHICS: http://www.dia.org/education/egypt-teachers/art/goldfadden/ activity.html   

 Students can create fun mixed media mini-posters using Egyptian hieroglyphics--not as word translations, but rather for an artistic translation.

 ROSETTA STONE COLORING BOOK: http://www.clemusart.com/archive/pharaoh/rosetta/coloring/index.html 

Not just the Rosetta Stone, but also scarabs, gods, crowns--and be sure to click on the new pictures for even more coloring pages to download and print. 

Lesson Plans for Ancient Egypt:  http://www.geocities.com/sseagraves/ancientegyptlessonplans.htm

KING TUTANKHAMUN -- WAS IT MURDER? http://www.pekin.net/pekin108/wash/webquest/ 

A great assignment for gifted students--though all students should enjoy role-playing as historians, archaeologists, medical examiners, or reporters to try to uncover potential mysteries surrounding King Tut's death. ANCIENT EGYPT -- STORY OF THE GODS AND GODDESSES: http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/gods/story/main.html 

Students will read a story about the Egyptian gods and have a chance to explore text and artifacts for each one. They will conclude their journey at this online British Museum exhibit by taking an interactive challenge. Shockwave required. 

 EGYPTIAN SCAVENGER HUNT: http://edweb.sdsu.edu/courses/edtec670/egypt/hunt/EgyptHunt.html 

Students will use the internet to find answers to a crossword puzzle in this on line hunt.

MUMMY CRAZY: http://www.cmi.k12.il.us/Urbana/projects/AncientCiv/Mummy Crazy/pathfinder1.html    

 Would your grade six class like to create their own mummies to complement your unit on Ancient Egypt? More than likely you'll receive a resounding "yes" to this opportunity. 

COLOR TOUR OF EGYPT: http://www.memst.edu/egypt/egypt.html 

Students can take an annotated online tour through Egypt, with stops in Luxor and the Great Hall of Karnak, or the court of Rameses; visit the Nile, learn info on the gods, visit the Pyramid of Khufu... much to explore. 

SCALING A PYRAMID: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/pyramid/geometry/model.html A lesson in both math and Egyptology--students can re- create a pyramid to scale. One worksheet will guide them through the process, with challenge questions following to work through on their own.

 DAILY LIFE IN ANCIENT EGYPT: http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/life/story/main.html From the British Museum, students can interact with these comparative stories of daily life for both a nobleman and a farmer. Have them create their own chart after reading through the text, comparing such issues as education, food, work, and housing. Clicking on words brings up the glossary, while pictures can be enlarged and annotated for further information. 

LESSON IDEAS FOR STUDYING ANCIENT EGYPT: http://sun.kent.wednet.edu/curriculum/soc_studies/Egypt/lesson_plan.html 

You can incorporate many of these enrichment activities into your own unit on Ancient Egypt, including drawing a cross section of a pyramid, or comparing a day in the life between modern students and Ancient Egyptian youth. 

EGYPT -- LAND OF THE PHARAOHS: http://www.seaworld.org/Egypt/egypt.html 

Have fun with these printable pages to explore hieroglyphs, crosswords, mummy mazes, and more.

Mummies- All about mummies and a lot of pictures that are very interesting.



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