Egypt is a very old country.  It became a nation about 5,000 years and for 3,000 years by its own kings.  Egyptian history is divided into several periods.  The three greatest were the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms.  During the Old Kingdom the Egyptian rulers built great stone tombs called pyramids.  So, this period is also known as the Pyramid Age.

     To the ancient Egyptians, the three most important things were their king, the Next World, and the Nile River. Egypt is a very dry country where it hardly ever rains.  The Nile provides water for plants, animals, and people.  The royal pyramids, which housed the body and possessions of dead kings, were built on the west bank of the Nile.

   The first Egyptians were farmers around 8,000 years ago.  Within a few thousand years, Egypt had become one of the most powerful countries in the whole world!

    The Egyptians were so good at farming that they became very rich.  They built fantastic temples for their gods, and huge pointed pyramids where, as stated earlier, they buried their kings.  They had armies and ships and courts of law.  Their priests studied the stars and their crafts people made beautiful things of silver and gold.