Where To Find A Friend

By: Victoria, Jasmine, Laura, Vincent, Christopher, Kayleigh

You can meet friends almost anywhere.  Here is a helpful list.


1.  Meet them when they move in the neighborhood.

2.  Meet them in school.

3.  On vacation

4.  Meet a friend at a park.

5.  You can meet a friend at the beach, or at camp.

6.  You can be shopping with your mother and bump into them.

7.  At church or temple, you can meet a friend.

8.  By playing with other kids you can make new friends.'

9.  When your mother or father have a friend, they might have a son or daughter that you can meet.

10.  Your cousin can invite you over their house and then you would meet their friends.  Maybe one will become your friend.

11.   You may go fishing and meet someone there.

12.  At a hospital

13. A baseball game

14.  Parents may bowl and you meet them in a kids room.

15.  An ice cream parlor

Kids are everywhere. All you really have to do is be friendly and extend your hand to say, "Hello".