The Important Book

Make a class Important book following the frame from the book by Margaret Wise Brown. Take a Polaroid of each kid and assign each child to fill in the frame. The important thing about ______ is that he is _______. It is true he is _______ and ______. But the important thing about _________ is that he is ______.

 Make a class list of what makes a good friend. Each child can have a chain of paper links each time they feel a person is being a good friend they give them a link to make their chain longer. Celebrate Friendship when everyone gets 10 links!

 Friendship Fruit Salad. have each child bring in fruit from home and make a friendship fruit salad.


 Buddy Paintings

I taped two pieces of large easel paper together. We talked about what a "buddy" is...(a friend). The children went to the table in groups of 3 to paint cooperatively on the easel paper. We called them "buddy paintings" because we painted them with our friends.


 Rainbow Fish

We  read Rainbow Fish and do a corresponding project
because Rainbow Fish shared his shiny fins and made many friends.



You might also want to read Swimmy and do a project on
working together and cooperating with friends.


 Friends by Helen Heine is a favorite book.  It is
about a rooster, a mouse, and a pig. The story tells about what they do together as friends. (They ride their bikes, pretend to be pirates, go fishing, share cherries for a snack, etc. etc. When night falls they try each others homes hoping to sleep together. After several small disasters (ex. rooster gets his head stuck in mouse's door) they realize that the best place is in each of their own beds because...."friend can't always be together......but they dream about each other through the night as "good friends do." It's a delightful book, whimsical but
full of great messages about being a good friend.

*These are ideas from other web sites.  I thank them since I can't remember where I had originally found them.