When you have a friendship with someone it is always nice to remember some things that you or they have done.

The nicest thing I ever did for someone...

I helped an old woman get something on the ground because she was too old to get it.

I helped some kids read hard books that they couldn't read by themselves.

Gave someone lunch money when they forgot it.

Taught a classmate to tell time.

I saved my dog's life.

I made my friend, Gina feel good inside of her.

I found a person's keys in a store.

I gave my stuffed bear away to someone who needed it.

Helped my mom clean the house.

Helped my dad plant the tree in the cold.

The nicest thing anyone ever did for me...

My mom gave me a necklace that my grandmother had when she was alive.  It had two baby shoes and my birthstone in the middle of it.

When I didn't have any snack my friend shared with me.

Someone gave me their balloon when mine popped.

The nicest thing was when Emma V. wanted to be MY friend.

My mom gave me a snow baby with my birthstone on it.

When someone came up to me and asked, "Do you want to play with me."

Someone helped me up when I got hurt.

When I had nobody to play with someone came up to me and asked me to play with them.

Mom, took care of me when I was sick.

When I didn't have any money my friend gave me some change.

When I lost my breathe my friend went to get help.

My friend let me tell my feelings without laughing at me and making fun of me.

The nicest thing I ever did for myself...

I stuck up for myself and then calmed myself down.

I always try.

I always try to be good.

For Lent I gave up doing things before bed.

I never lie!  Not to family or friends.

I always keep away from strangers.

I said I was sorry when I didn't do anything wrong.

I said I was sorry and I got my friend back.

I once cleaned my room by myself.  It felt good.

I behaved in school!

I bought myself a Beanie Baby Bunny that I loved.  Now I don't have nightmares any more, because it makes me feel safe.

I helped myself learn to read and write. 

I stuck up for myself.

I taught myself how to draw beautiful pictures.

I made my own garden.

I improved myself in school, and Mrs. Stein noticed.

I gave up watching TV for Lent.  I think I gave myself a nice chance to get away from the TV to do better things in my spare time.  Now I don't watch as much TV!