Big friends,

Medium-sized friends,

Little friends,

All kinds of friends.

Loving friends,

Silly friends,

Lazy friends, too.

I like them all.


I want to talk to you!

By: Vincent

Friends are nice to each other.

Caring, should always help each other.

Loving, never pushing one another around.

Never calling names

Are always there when their friend is in trouble

And is honest to their friend.

Friends are the best!

By: Joshua

Cool friends are okay.

Nice friends are good.

Happy friends are the best.

Loving friends have much tenderness.

But, true friends are terrific!

See, it does not matter

What you look like

Or what you think.

What counts is what's on the inside.

By: Laura

You can play ball with a friend,

You can call a friend,

Share toys with a friend in a playroom.

You can sleep over with a friend

You can find clovers with a friend

Share a book in a school.

You can teach a friend

You can vote with a friend

In a gym.

So be a good friend

To the very end!

And many friends you will have.

By: Timmy

I talk to  my friend

I play with my friend, everyday.

I can kid around with my friend,

I can tell good secrets behind the bushes.

I can write with my friend.

I can eat dinner with my friend at 5:00pm

I can talk on the phone with my friend.

I can pick flowers with my friend in my garden.

I can trade my toys with my friend.

I can share chocolate with my friend.

My friend is a wonderful person.

By: Kayleigh

Friends are like doves in the light-blue sky.

Friends are like waves splashing over kids in the summer.

Friends are two people holding each

Others hands while playing on the crowded beach.

But true friends are the best friends

In the whole, wide, world.

By: Emma K.

I went on a walk with my friend

We held hands to show...




And love,

For one another.

We saw two adults flying kites together

And thought that will be us in about 11 years.

We went by the beach,

Put our feet in the water there was such emotion

That day

I took a walk with my friend.

By: Tara

I can play with a friend.

I can share with a friend.

Even play kickball with a friend.

I can go over a friend's house.

I can go to a friend's birthday.

Even give a friend a teddy bear.

I can do homework with a friend.

I can help a friend.

Even read a book with a friend.

But, most of all

I can love a friend.

By: Cash

Big friends,

Small friends,

Nice friends,

Fun friends,

Those are just a few.

Good friends,

Sports friends,

Art friends.

And clean-cut friends.

Most of all,

Best of all,

I like true friends!
By: Mary

Friends care about each others feeling.

Rebecca, a friend of mine

I don't know very well

But, I care about her feelings.

Just as if I've known her

Since I was two.

I met her this year

At Brownies, let's cheer.

Friends help each other with problems.

I can trust my friends.

By: Melissa

Friendship is like two knots


Tied on a rope.

Friendship is like two birds

Flying side by side

In the sky.

Friendship is like sharing

Two glasses full of juice.

Friendship is like two earrings

That shine brightly as a pair.


Never ends!
By: Emma V.




Kind friends.

Skinny friends,

Loving, sweet, tender friends,

Brown friends,

White friends,

Caring friends, too.

Good friends,

Exciting friends

Best friends, also.

Last of all

Best of all

I love warm-hearted friends.

By: Jennifer