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Using the Carle's, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", grade two classes can decide what a caterpillar would need to survive should they capture one. They will also learn more about the life cycle of a cater- pillar, illustrating it and writing three important caterpillar facts.

 Children's Butterfly Site-All you've ever wanted to know about butterflies. http://www.arps.org/pe/grade1/Children's%20Butterfly%20Site.htm


Journey North -sign up for the Symbolic Monarch Migration

The Milkweed Cafe  Butterfly Pictures, Videos, and a place to buy butterflies, milkweed seeds and other things for the butterfly lover.

The Butterfly Web Site information on butterfly gardening, farming, ecology and education.

Are You Looking For Butterfly Activities?- Lesson plans, handouts, etc.

Pictures, media shows, collections-SURWEB allows people to create multimedia presentations in minutes using images, sounds & movies provided by SURWEB or other digital sources.

Live Caterpillars- order live butterfly cultures for $13.95 and much more for class or school

The Florida Monarch Butterfly Web site  Photos and essays from the sunshine state.

Cool Science- Where do butterflies come from?


Monarch Watch an educational outreach program following the migration of the Monarch.

Monarch Migrations tracked since 1996

Monarchs, Viceroys and Queens: Who's the real pretender to the throne? An investigation into whether Viceroys really "mimic" Monarchs?

Care and Raising of Monarch Butterflies everything you need to know to get started.

  More Butterfly Links

The Butterfly Website
          an outstanding site with lots of links  

ZOOM Butterflies

International Federation of Butterfly Enthusiasts

Anphog's Wild World of Photography
              beautiful butterfly photos

Food to Grow On
        butterfly science lesson emphasizing nutrition
         University of Arizona
Being Safe While Growing Up
          science lesson on moths that spin cocoons
      emphasizing self-protection, self worth, & emotional health
      University of Arizona

The Bug Club Pen Pals Page


Projects from Teachers.Net Classrooms

Join us as we track the butterflies from Journey North.  We made them from our handprints.  Journey North has several other projects to get involved with and teacher's guides, maps, etc.  There is no cost other than the mailing of the butterflies and a donation, if you choose.  My students raise money to send a modest donation with their butterflies.  I think it's good for them to think about ways they can help preserve our planet and its species. http://www.geocities.com/perryelemk4/monarch.htm


Butterflies and Caterpillars
at Enchanted Learning
Crafts, Coloring Printouts, Information, and a Quiz: