Literature Circles

 In Literature Circles, small groups of students read the same book. After reading a short book, or a chapter or two, each student completes a different task. After completing the tasks, the group gets together and discusses what was read and shares what they did.


Some of these tasks that students are responsible for are:


Discussion Director:

Your job is to develop a list of 4 or 5 questions that your

  group might want to discuss about this part of the book.

  Donít ask questions about small details. Your task

 is to help people talk over the big ideas in the reading

 and share their reactions.



Selection Director:

 Your job is to locate a few special sections of the text

  that your group would like to hear read aloud. The idea

  is to help people remember some interesting, powerful,

  puzzling, funny, or important sections of the text. (Mark

   each paragraph with a post-it.) List the page number

   and the paragraph number you plan on having them

   read. Also, write a sentence of two stating why you

   chose the paragraph.






Art Director:


Your job is to draw some kind of picture related to the reading. Take your time and draw a quality picture. As

 you present your drawing, have the other members of

 your group comment before you explain it.







Connector Director:


Your job is to find connections between the book your

 group is reading and the world outside. This means

 connecting the reading to your own life, to happenings

  at school or in the community, to similar events at other

  times and places, to other places, to other people or

  problems that you are reminded of.







Wild and Crazy Word Finder:


Your job is to find 5 to 8 especially important words in

todayís reading. List the page number and paragraph, the word, and the definition. Mark where each word is located with a post-it.







Summary Director:


Your job is to prepare a brief summary of the dayís

 reading. The other members will be counting on you to

 summarize the key points, the main highlights, the

 essence of the selection.