By: Meish Goldish

I know a bird

That cannot fly:

Penguin is its name.

It cannot fly,

But it can swim

With speed that wins it fame!

I know a bird

That lives on ice

And waddles by the sea.

It looks so cute

In its black and white suit,

As handsome as can be!

The Penguin

By: Roxanne Williams

                         I am a bird you know quite well,

All dressed in black and white.

And even though I do have wings

They're not designed for flight.


I waddle, waddle, waddle,

On my funny little feet.

Across the icy snow I go

To find a fishy treat!

Penguins Love To Dance!

Percy Penguin

By: Catherine Y. Hongey


Percy Penguin looks so proper,

In his long black tails,

Stiff white shirt, and neatly groomed,

Correct in all details.

He's so important, chest way out,

As he pitter patters by,

But here is something very funny --

He forgot his TIE!

A Question About Penguins

When do penguins change their clothes?
They must have others, I suppose.
Can it be that they're always dressed
In party clothes, that can't be messed?
Gathered in suits of black and white
Perfect for some formal night -
Do they expect a king or queen
To grace their distant glacial scene
It would make me feel much better
If I knew they each owned a sweater.

In Praise of Penguins 

By: Robin Bernard
These funny birds in fancy clothes
may waddle in the snow,
but when they reach the icy sea
Just watch how fast they go!
Their song sounds like a donkey's bray,
they cannot soar or fly,
yet penguins manage very well,
and let me tell you why...
Their feathers keep out water,
their blubber keeps out cold,
their wings make perfect paddles
because they do not fold!

Their tails are good for steering,
they brake with both their feet-
So tell me now, from all you've heard...
Aren't penguins NEAT?


 Mr. Penguin
(On Top of Old Smokey)
On top of an iceberg,
All covered with snow.
I saw my first penguin
I wanted to know.
Oh is it a bird?
Or is it a fish?
I look at his feathers,
And knew which was which.
I said, "Mr. Penguin,
Which species are you?"
He said, "I'm an emperor,
And not a gentoo."
I said, "Mr. Penguin,
What's under your patch?"
He said, "It's an egg.
It's ready to hatch."
I said, "Mr. Penguin,
Oh where is your wife?"
"She's out in the ocean.
She'll be back tonight,"
Said Mr. Penguin,
"Her name is Jill.
She's out in the ocean,
Feeding on krill."
The next thing I knew,
I heard a peep.
And I saw a chick,
At the emperor's feet.