Lift Off


Discovery lifted off  on March 8, 2001.  You can view some of the pictures at the bottom of the page along with pictures of Mir.  These pictures are from NASA TV and


Space Station Mir

The Russian Space Station Mir's 15 year life is coming to a close.  Since it's launch in 1986, more that 100 cosmonauts and astronauts from 12 nations lived on Mir and more than 20,000 experiments were performed.  Mir is Russian for "PEACE." 

In one of the pictures the Space Shuttle Atlantis is shown docked with Mir in 1995 during a shuttle mission, STS-71, the 100th manned US space flight.

The shuttle Endeavour docked with Mir on January 26, 1998.   Mir's solar array panels-which power the orbiting laboratory are visible in  one of the pictures taken from on board the station. (pic. 12)



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