Each bud on a tree is the beginning of a new leaf.  The sun warms the bud and the new leaf begins to grow.  As the leaf grows it starts to make its own food.

Each leaf is like a tiny food factory.  The leaf uses sunlight, things in the air, water and a green matter called CHLOROPHYLL. (CHLOR-RO-FILL)

The green chlorophyll covers up the other colors of the leaf.  It covers up the other colors so we can see only green leaves.

When fall begins, the leaf starts to die.  There is less sunlight because the days are shorter.  The leaf no longer makes food.

When the leaf begins to die, the leaf no longer makes food.  The chlorophyll breaks down and the green color begins to disappear.

All the hidden colors--the reds, yellows, oranges, and browns can now be seen!