The directions were as follows:

Write a paragraph about yourself.  Put some poetic language in to describe something in the paragraph.  This is our wonderful result! ( I never prompted the children to write about me, but they did.  They truly light up my life, and make my job so rewarding!  Thank you for sharing your children with me this year.)

     When I go into the forest I feel like a reindeer jumping in the air.  I feel like the sun shining on the flowers.  I feel like a bird in the air.  But, the only person I love is, Mrs. Stein.

By: Nicholas


     When I cry my heart beat pounds in sadness.  When I get hurt it stings, but it does go away because of the kiss of love from my mother.  My mom kisses me and I feel like a bird singing in its nest.  I go to the pool with my dad and I feel as strong as a grizzly bear.  But, when I'm with Mrs. Stein I feel like  glimmering stars are watching over me.

By: Jenna


     When I always see that my mom is home I get so excited, just like Elmo.  Whenever I go to school I miss my mom very much, like a baby bird.  But, the only person that makes me happy is the only person I love ....and that would be my teacher, Mrs. Stein.  That is the person that makes me happy.

By: Jason


     Sometimes I feel as happy as a bird flying in the sky whistling.  Sometimes I feel sad, like a story day.  I also feel loved when I am at home.  I love to go outside on a warm, sunny day in the summer.  When I see my baby brother I am happy.

By: Jimmy


     My name is Julie and I want to tell you a little bit about myself.  Sometimes I feel like a butterfly in the light drops of rain.  I have two geese and two rabbits.  I like to go to school.  I like to read, ride my bike, and do poetry.  When the owl whooo's I feel like it's me.  I also like my Second Grade Teacher, Mrs. Stein.

By: Julie


     I am a little shy when my mom's friends come over.  I am friendly to my friends.  I like to watch the raindrops when it rains.  Today I feel like a flower blooming in the sunshine.  I love to draw and write.  I have three cats and one dog.  I am as caring as a mother cat.

By: Marissa

     When I look at Nature it makes me feel like I am a flower losing its petals.  When I walk into the woods I feel like a big bug.  I feel like a cheetah running from a hunter.

By: Philip


     While I am in class I think about my mom.  If I am not with her, I start to feel all alone.  Oh, when I get home I feel like a shooting star because I see her.  When I go to bed I start to cry like the rain.  That's why I love my family.

By: Alex


     Sometimes I feel like I am a psychic when my mom is late and we are at a red light.  I can guess the exact second it will turn green!  When I am sick I get so mean, I throw my sister's underwear out the window before she does it to mine.  When a bird gets hurt, I feel everything that it feels.  I am very empathetic.

By: Patrick


Hi, my name is Daniel.  But I would like to say a little bit about myself.  Sometimes I like to look at the blue jays, flying in the light blue sky.  I like the dark red roses.  But, the specialist  person I like is my teacher, Mrs. Stein.

By: Daniel


     Hi, my name is Kerri.  I feel happy when the graceful sun is shining.  I feel sad when the puffy, black, gray clouds come out and let it rain.  I feel scared when I'm all alone in the dark.  I feel sick when I have that deep, dark feeling.  Sometimes I am shy when I see people crowding me.  But, what makes me so happy is my teacher, Mrs. Stein.

By: Kerri


     Hi, I'm Andrew and I'd like to tell you about myself.  I love to think of glimmering waterfalls.  I hate to be angry, like a snarling puma. I love to be happy like a cold drift of wind on a hot day.  Today I feel stupid like a tiger after catching the wrong prey.  Sometimes I feel shy like a person with such talent, but is scared to show it.  Sometimes I hurt, like a dagger going through my heart.

By: Andrew


     Sometimes I feel like a bee is stinging me because I had a bad day.  When I have a great day, I feel like I'm a bird flying in the sky.  When Mom and Dad yell at me I feel like a worm that is being chased by a bird!  But, when I see my mom's or dad's face, I feel like a light feather.

By: Shaina


     My name is Jaime.  I have a lot of sensitive feelings.   I feel as young as a baby chick  trying to find its mother.  When the rain drips down I snuggle deep down into a blanket.  But, when the beautiful, precious, sun is up, I'm happier and cheerful.  When a bee pollinates and a rooster  crows, I'm awake and happy again.  I feel as if the whole world is there to protect me. 

By: Jaime


     I love a pretty summer day.  I have a beautiful hunting cat named Emily.  I love to draw and splash in  streaming waterfalls with moss all around it.  And I love creating things out of wood and junk. It is like a  Dino's Work Shop on TV.  Sometimes I feel so sad, like a monster in the dark.

By: Erik

Hi, my name is McKenzi.  I'd like to tell you a little about myself.  I like to dance and love to listen to music and sing . I love to listen to the wind blow on my face, too.  I love it when the sun shines on my back.  I especially love my teacher, Mrs. Stein.

By: McKenzi


     When I always see my family, my heart starts to beat, my body doesn't move and my tears start to cry.   When I always see my animals I feel like a cheetah running down a steep hill or an elephant shooting water at his baby.

By: Seth


      Whenever I'm with my mom I feel like a shining star.  I feel like the air when I get yelled at by my sisters.  When I work and I feel like God is pleased with what I'm doing.  But, best of all when I'm with Mrs. Stein, I feel strong and brave!

By: Linda

     When I come home from my friends house I feel like the hose just soaked me with water.  I feel like the sun, shimmering on the ocean shores, and a flower blooming in the sunlight. When I'm sad I feel like a baby bird who just lost her mother.  But, when I'm with my teacher, I feel like a happy butterfly.

By: Meghan


     When I am lonely, I think about all the good times.  When my mom hugs me I feel like I am the luckiest kid on the block.  When I get hugs from my dad I feel like the sun in the warm sky.  I feel like a bird in the sky, too.

By: Chris


My name is Tyler.  I am 7 years old.  Whenever I come home from school I am mad because I always lose my lunch money.  I feel as mad as an elephant that has a broken leg.  But, the next day I feel so good.  I love when it is sunny, so I can go outside and have a great time.

By: Tyler

Hey, I am Ryan and I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself.  My caring teacher is like a big, sweet rose because she is like the best teacher in the world.  She helps kids and is very pretty.

By: Ryan

My name is Michael. I want to tell you about myself.  When I look at my sister's bird I feel bad about it because of it lying there. When I get sad in school, Mrs. Stein makes me feel better.  She is the best teacher in the world!
By: Michael

Hello, my name is Maria.  I want to feel like a flower.  But, since I'm in Second Grade I do, from my loving, caring and fair teacher, Mrs. Stein.  If I have a bad day I know I'll feel like a flower tomorrow in school.

By: Maria