Andrew, is a boy in my class.  He really enjoys writing poetry.  Sometimes he'll do poetry after homework.  Can you imagine that?

So, I decided to have an Andrew Poetry Page.  Hope you enjoy these poems as much as I did!!

The first one is not really a poem, but a touching tribute to Andrew's Grandma J.


My Memories of Grandma

Do you know how it feels losing a wonderful picture that you created?  Well, that's how I felt losing my Grandma.  She died recently and is now in heaven.

Grandma was the first to pick me up when I was a baby.

I didn't cry...I don't know why

I just laughed.

Grandma was the best sewer.  She sewed me blankets.

The one thing that sticks out in my head is:

When I was six, at Christmastime, we both woke up early and she let me open my presents before anyone else.

Since her passing I know I have to tuck the good times away in my heart. I continue to remember when we used to talk!  Boy! She loved to talk.

As I go on in my average life, I can tell to my children the amazing stories that Grandma passed on.

In loving memory of "Grandma J."

By: Andrew

Feb. 5, 2001




As the sunset glows

I wonder about...     


And how the solar system runs

How clouds form shapes of things

How the moon changes

How snow falls

And how rain runs through my hair

in the summer.

I wonder-

How a storm comes

How fallen stars zip through the sky?

But most of all

I wonder-

How in the 1860's'

the runaway slaves

followed the North Star?

By: Andrew

     Feb. 7, 2001

The Clip Art of Romance - Free Valentines Clipart

What is Love?

This is how I imagine love.

Love tastes like sweet, wild honey.

Love looks like a big humongous

Light that goes into you

And my eyes light-up.

Then I say, "I love you!"

Love feels like

A very warm presents of someone

Who I love, that suddenly appears.

Love sounds like

An echo in my heart.

By:  Andrew

Feb.7, 2001

The Clip Art of Romance - Free Valentines Clipart

Bat Poems: We studied bats awhile ago.  In cleaning my classroom in June, I came across a large brown envelope.  I had no idea who wrote these poems until I read them.  Andrew cheerfully told me it was his.  Enjoy them they are great!

As the moon sparkles its joy

A bat catches a bug and glides its

Mighty wings 

For hundreds of miles.

It stands humbly before its prey

And strikes at it again.

The bat is joyfully happy.


As the moon shines

A bat glides through the starry sky.

As it flits and  flitters through the woods

The bat stops at the tip of  a fire flaming

Near a mountain

It speeds up until 

It comes to an end.


As the moon glares down on

A beautiful site

In the middle of a park

All the bugs are out

My soul comes to its senses

And my heart trembles with ice

A bat may be lucky

But I am not

Because he, the bat, has a furry coat

All I have is a thin, white blanket.