The Storm

The beach is peaceful.

The sky is turning darker.

Boom! Thunder! Lightning!

By: Linda

The Ocean

Crabs bite my toes.

The nice, cool water splashes.

I'm near the deep sea.

By: Shaina

The Ocean

I see the huge waves.

The water touching my feet.

I hear the ocean.

By: Daniel



Raindrops falling down

On the windowpane making

wonderful music.

By: Jason


The Ocean

Light blue and salty.

Swooshing on the sandy bank.

The shores are quiet.

By: Jaime

The Beach

The crabs walk by you

Biting your toes and your nose.

With an Ahhhh! That hurt.

By: Erik


The Shore

I'm walking on the shore.

The waves padding at my feet.

 Oh! It's so relaxing.

By: Jenna


A Butterfly

Look! A butterfly.

It's flying up in the sky.

Look at it's colors!

By: Meghan


Golden Eagles

Golden eagles soar

Flying all around the world.

Bye, Golden eagle.

By: Seth



Blue jays, cardinals, doves

Flying toward the blue sky.

Once again, feeding.

By: Jaime


All different shapes

On the pretty butterflies

They're all beautiful.

By: McKenzi


Icky, Icky Day

It's an icky day.

I can't go outside and play.

It got sunny, yeah!!

By: Erik


They like to lick you.

Watch out! They will jump on you.

And at night they dream.

By: Alex


Rainbows are so cool.

Red, orange, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

It smiles, upside down.

By: Maria



Different colors, cool!!

Falling down from an oak tree.

Oh, I like the fall.

By: Jonathan