United We Stand                     

 United we stand             

             Right here in our land              

             United we'll stay                      

             For now and always               


                United forever                           

               We will never fall!                    


Chantelle Cornwell

 7th grade ~

January 8, 2002





                       Clouds can be fluffy                         

                       Clouds can be puffy                            

                       Clouds can be animals                          

                       Even mammals                                 


                      Clouds can look like a duck in a pond           

                      They can look like a fish in a lake             

                               They can look like a wand and a snowflake.                  

                                                             December 31, 2001

                                                       Phil Shuler              


Iíve heard you preach,

                           Iíve heard you teach.         

                              The word of God,                  

                              Not only here, but abroad.                 


                             Iíve heard you sing,

                           Many songs that bring.

                            My heart joy supreme,

                           Youíve taught me to dream.


                           Not only of fame,

                           But that Gods Son came.

                          And lost his life,

                          Oh! What strife.


                         Iíll remember you forever,

                          Forget you never.

                          Youíre a clever man,

                         I admire you in wide span.


                               Your Friend,

                               Chantelle Cornwell

                               Age 12