McKenzi started to write poetry in my Second Grade Class.  She seems to have really blossomed over the summer months!  I have taken pleasure in  publishing her poetry and I hope to continue to do so as her Third Grade experience continues.  Keep sending in your poetry, McKenzi, for all to enjoy!


Scary Nightmares

Freaky ones, too

I have nightmares.

Do you?

In nightmares you yell.

In nightmares you scream!

I woke up this morning

And said, 

"What a bad dream!!"



     Grade 3

July 2001


     LIGHTNING  AND   THUNDER                 
      Please wait the animation...   

Lightning and thunder.

creepy in the night   

How far can it be?

I can't really see.

I'm scared of this lightning and thunder!




 Creepy, creepy in the night.

Who's saying that?

Turn off the light!

It's too dark in here to tell.

               But who is saying  a creepy spell?   

August 2001