Traveling Secret

She sleeps by day and travels by night,
Against all odds, she continues to fight,
Until of course dawn's first light,
For then she must flee,
Her, again you will not see.

Never has someone wandered so free,
And as long as it isn't day,
You may come across her way,
She'll simply stare, and not a word she will say.

Some say she's an angel, others a devil,
Some say her heart is both good and evil.
So if you see her ask her, if you will ?

Her parents are said to have been killed in a fire,
While others say they were sacrificed on a pyre
But how to know who speaks the truth and who is the liar?

She's completely unknown, you see,
But there's more to her than we can see,
The girl shrouded in mystery.


by Nithya Godahewa (class - Form 1)

June 20, 2007