Tony's Test

 Tony the Tiger was sitting in his box, crying. " I want to get out of this box! I want to explore the world!" he said. So, as he sat there sobbing, he tried to think of a plan. " I know! Well, no, that will never work." he kept saying to himself. Finally, he got so frustrated he banged on the walls of his box. " I WANT OUT OF HERE!" He yelled.


As quick as a wink, there went the box tumbling off the table. As it tumbled in midair, Tony flew out of the box and out the open window. He landed in a stream, which led to a waterfall. he screamed for help, but it was useless. Nobody could help poor Tony the Tiger. Nobody but one sly and tricky leprechaun. He lived under the waterfall of which Tony was going to fall off. The leprechaun quickly set up a net. Tony screamed with horror as he fled down the waterfall. " AHHHHHHHHHH!"  He felt a feeling of hope as he landed in the net. He climbed out of the net, and the first thing he saw was a pot of gold. He rushed for the gold but the leprechaun jumped in front of him just before he could get it. " If you want the gold, you must do me a favor." Said the leprechaun with his Irish accent. Uh-oh.....

Tony had run into the meanest leprechaun you could ever find. Any other leprechaun would give you the gold for a simple favor...but not this one. " You must make a sacrifice that may cost your life. It is a test that MY pet Tiger was supposed to take, and you shall take it for him. it is a test of strength and courage. If you pass, you get the gold. If you fail, you die."

Tony thought for a few seconds, and said he would take the test, and the leprechaun said good with a snicker to himself.

The day of the test was that very day. The first part was to swing on the vines across a lagoon of alligators, and Tony had the strength to pass it! The second was to balance on a stick across a pile of snakes. Tony zoomed across the stick with no trouble at all! The last challenge was to face off against the king of the jungle, which put up quite a struggle.

" RRROOOAAARR!" Yelled Tony as he got a painful scratch on his back. But he kept fighting.

 After a big struggle, he finally won! He was crowned king of the jungle.

The gold was also given to him, which he found later, was stolen. He gave it back to all the rightful owners and lived happily and found a family.

Taylor Minor

September 14, 2006