All About Me




Hey, my name Aaliyah and let me tell you a few things about myself. I am a nice person to be around. I have a wonderful personality. Sometimes it will change depending on the environment. If I am mad (hardly ever) then that will give you a hint to STAY AWAY! There are days that I have mood swings so I am just mad for some tiny reason and on other days, I wouldnít be concerned one bit. Well, thatís just me.



My favorite singer is Aaliyah. My favorite rapper is Bow Wow. I just LOVE their songs. The songs were really good. I enjoyed singing along and dancing to them.



Buy the Samsung SCH-a850 for $49.99, get a Samsung SCH-a630 FREE!My favorite gadgets are cell phones, and I pods. I actually own one of these, which is of course, the classic cell phone! Well, I am getting a new one. My goal is to get a light pink Baby Phat cell phone but it costs so much, $500.00!



I like playing video games and surfing the web. My favorite sport is hanging out, and basketball. Hanging out is mainly a hobby, I guess. Iím mostly bored at home so I have discovered tons of hobbies that Iím good at. For example, art, computers, and writing. I learn many things from them.



My favorite songs are Sean Paul: We Be Burnin, Ciara: Oh, and Bow Wow: Like U. My favorite shows are Girlfriends, and The Parkers. I like to go to, and



My future career that Iím looking forward to accomplish is Fashion Design, and being a Singer. I am going to start my goal when I am in the mid term in high school. I would make tons of money and Iíll be living the good life. I also have hidden talents like writing poetry I donít like to do it though. Only like if it were a school assignment. Some people say I should be a poet but I donít see the fun part in it. Why be something people tell you to be when you donít like it and live your life on something that you donít enjoy? Well, I know for a fact, that itís not going to be me.



People say that Iím spoiled because I get whatever I want in a short period of time. I think that they misunderstood me for someone who is rich. I donít always get what I want but I work hard to get them. I set a goal, and work towards it. It might not take long because I have a positive attitude and I put my mind to it.




I am a person who finds school very interesting. Sometimes it is boring sometimes it isnít. It depends on the day and my mood, and the subject. My subject of interest in school is English, Math, Gym, Art, and  Shop. My worst subject is Social Studies. It just bores me a bit.


When I wake up in the morning I wake up so early for school. I am always in a bad mood. Itís just too early!



I like to wear name-brand gear. For example, Apple Bottoms, Mecca, Nike, New Balance, Apollo, Timberland, Rocawear, and many, many, more. Itís comfortable, and it basically describes my personality. Like if you saw someone wearing an outfit all black, that probably means that they are gothic.



I HATE reading like projects in front of the class. I just donít like doing it. I just want a teacher to see it. If I think I really did a good job, and I would really like what I did and then I would want to share it with my classmates. I am organized in most things like schedules, and goals. I am not organized with things like keeping my desk neat.



Youíve read all that I want you to read about me. I summarized my life in just a few paragraphs. Well, enough about me now tell me about you!


October 13, 2005

7th Grader