My Grandma


My grandma was like a gentle breeze
always so graceful!
As beautiful as the Alaskan Mountains.
She was as brave and fierce as a grizzly bear.
And always strong and swift like the bold
Her hair was like soft silk and how it was as
blond as the sweet delicate sun
flowers that waved
in the wind!

And her skin was so smooth and so baby soft!
But the night she passed away was like a
cloud of darkness, pain and sadness!
Her gracefulness turned into suffering pain.
Her beautifulness turned into a so skinny body
that hadn't eaten!

But her braveness made her hold on for so
long she was so lucky to live such
a great and lovable life.
Her strong-ness turned into weakness
struggling to survive!

Her hair turned into dull, short, gray hair.
Her skin turned into wrinkly skinny skin!
Losing my grandma has really troubled me.
But I Know that she will be just as beautiful in
my heart!

Jenna ~ Grade 6  August 2004