by: Maria Robado

June 19, 2005


 Little Girl

         The little girl awakens from my bed.
         And sits on my shoulder, next to my head.
         She silently sings a song in my ear
         That I remember for the rest of the year!



 The Stream

       There is a stream by my house,

    I stare at it everyday and see the different colors.
       And I see my reflection and say to myself,
       "Is that really me in that stream?"





       Why is the sky blue?
       Why are trees green?
       Why can people be so ignorant and spiteful?
       Taking lives from innocent people 
right out of there own hands.
       On September 11th.


Maria was part of the "human flag" from Canaan Elementary School.






       The tenseness of your feet moving and keeping the rhythm and the beat to your feet.
       The heartache of pointing your toes every time you dance.
       The sweat drips off you like a faucet,
       Your arms have to be sharp.
       I love to dance.
       It is what I do.