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Today, March 1, we went to Yaphank Training Center and we learned a lot of stuff. First-Fire is NOT our friend! We got to pretend that there was a fire and one child would lay on a bed and another child would lie on the floor.  We would crawl through a tunnel then slam a door closed with our foot.  Then we would have to climb out of a window.  We also learned that we should sleep with our door closed.  Once you get out of your  house you should have a meeting place. Fireman Elliot showed us some pictures of houses and rooms that had gotten burned out.  We saw doors and on one side of the door it was burned through and on the other side it was just filled with black smoke.  I felt like crying in the inside, but on the outside I felt good.  It was fun.



At first, we saw some awesome pictures that had smoke shooting out the window.  Then Fireman Elliot told us about STOP__DROP__ and --ROLL!  That was exciting.  He told us some really cool stories about people who were in the nasty fire! He showed us some melted telephones and equipment in houses.  In the classroom we learned: FIRE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!  Then  it was time for the scariest part.  The practice fire drill!  We shut off the lights and it was dark and scary.  He put smoke on and the first person went.  You had to lay on a bed and go through a tunnel that was hot.  Then you got out of the tunnel and kicked a door shut and climbed out of a window.  I guess it wasn't too bad.


I went on a field trip to the Yaphank Fire House.  I learned that you can not light a cigarette and fall asleep. You can get caught on fire.  I even knew that it is safe to have a smoke detector and a CO2 detector.  I felt scared like other people.  I got scared when the lights went off.  We went in a big maize that's why the light were off.  So I knew not to be scared when a fire is coming, but you can be scared. But everyone know that fire is not your friend, so  never play with matches, candles or cigarettes.  It was a good thing to go to. I even learned that there are safe things like ladders and the most important thing is NOT calling the fire department from your house!



I learned that fire is not your friend and to always sleep with your door closed incase there is a fire!  If there is a fire go out the window and hang straight and then drop to the ground.  If there was a fire, always kick your door shut to keep the fire out.

I felt nervous in the beginning because when I looked at the tunnel it looked scary to me.  It was Okay to feel that way. 



Yesterday we went to Yaphank Training Center.  I learned that smoke is black and you can't see through it.  If your house is on fire--GET OUT AND STAY OUT!!!!  I felt afraid because it was dark.  We went through a tunnel and it was scary.



I learned that fire is not your friend.  You should not play with anything that can start a fire.  When you are out of the house STAY OUT! If there is a lot of smoke in the hallway,  make sure your door is shut.  If you sleep with your door open, kick it shut with your foot and open the window and climb out of it and then drop.  

I felt nervous and scared when I went through the tunnel.  When I first look at it I was very nervous. It is alright to be scared of fire.  Fire IS really scary.



When we went to the Yaphank Training Center, Fireman Elliot told us that if your house caught fire GRAB whoever you can on the way out.  But, if you have a 4-5 year old bratty brother or sister, don't grab them by the arm because they just pull back, so grab them by their clothes so they will  go with you whether they like it or not.  If you have a two story house and no ladder  open up the window.  But before you do that kick your door closed if it is open.  Then hang out your window and just drop.  It might look high, but it is not. If you have another roof then drop onto that.  If somebody told you to go into the bath tub to be safe they DON"T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!  Never have a meeting place across the street because if you were crossing and someone was driving they would probably look at the house and not you.



On March 1st we went to the Yaphank Training Center.  Fireman Elliot was there.  We learned that fire is not your friend.  He also told us once you get out of the house you never go back in for any reason.  If you forgot your pet you don't go back in.  If you have a two story house  you hang from the window and then jump down safely.  We also learned you never have a meeting place in your back yard it always has to be in your front yard.  This is because your neighbors might go looking for you in the house.  If people told you don't be afraid of a real fire they're not telling you the truth.  YOU CAN BE AFRAID AND SHOULD BE AFRAID OF A REAL FIRE!!!



Today we went to Yaphank Training Center.  I learned that:
 fire eats and smoke bakes, that fire is not your friend, smokers burn a lot of houses, when there is a fire kick the door closed because the smoke can get into our lungs, if your clothes get on fire roll over on it to smother it, and fire and smoke both go up.  But the coolest part was when we went into the smoke.  I felt good that Fireman Elliot was gruff because if he wasn't people would think fire would be a joke!  



Today, March 1, my class and I went to Yaphank Training Center.  Fireman Elliot was teaching us.  He showed us things that were in a fire.  ANYTHING CAN START A FIRE!!  We practiced that there was a fire.  First I was scared and didn't want to do it.  When I went through it I realized it was bad.  Chris was on the floor and I was on the bed.  All you had to do was get off the bed and crawl through a tunnel, slam the door closed with your foot, and climb out a window.  We met at a meeting place.  It was great.



I liked the fire house and it was lots of fun.  Even when we had to kick the door shut.  When Fireman Elliot showed us the burnt houses we learned a lot.



Today we went to a Training Center.  I saw a door burned on one side and good on the other side.  I learned to get out and stay out!  I also learned that fire is not your friend.  I went in a smoked filled room and I had to go through a tunnel and slam the door closed and go out a fake window.   I was scared, but I am glad I did it because I learned a lot about fire.



My class went to the Yaphank Center.  Fireman Elliot showed us what to do when a house is on fire!  He showed us what to do when there is a fire.  We had to go on a bed,  go through a tunnel, shut the door, and go through a window.  



Today we went to the Yaphank Center and a fireman named Eliot taught us lots of things to do in a fire, and things NOT to do in fire.  Don't- go back in a fire if you forgot somebody.  He showed us burning houses and doors.  There were things that melted in fires like telephones and other stuff.  I would be really, really scared if I was in a fire because I could get burned so bad!  At the end he showed us how to get out of a house, if your house is on fire.  If you are sleeping, you roll out of your bed.  If your door is not closed you have to crawl on the floor and shut your door with your foot.  Go out your window and go to your meeting place.  We had a good trip.


We went to the Yaphank Fire House.  We saw lots of stuff, like when he showed us telephones that melted and burnt doors.  When we went through the tunnel I wasn't scared, but other people were.  We learned that fire isn't your friend!  You shouldn't leave any coffee makers on, because it could cause an explosion!!  When he was talking, he was very gruff.  I was kind of scared.  Then we went back and had lunch.  We had a good trip.



Today we went to Yaphank Center.  I learned that you always should sleep with the door closed.  NEVER HIDE IN A FIRE!!  I also learned that you should never hide in the bathroom or tub.  Fire is not your friend! Fire is dangerous. You should stay down on the floor in a smoky room.  At the end, when we went into a tunnel, I was scared.  But, I was glad I could do it!



Going to the Yaphank Center was  a lot of fun.  We learned that water can not put out all fires. We also learned that everyone needs a fire extinguisher.  Fireman Elliot told us that fire is not our friend.  He also showed us burnt phones.  I know that when your clothes get on fire you must --STOP, DROP AND ROLL.  He shoed us pictures of burnt houses.  The really fun part about it was when he shut the lights off and he put the smoke on.  We had to roll off the bed, through a tunnel and had to kick the door shut.  Then we climbed the window.  Fireman Elliot told us that fire needs oxygen and he also told us if the fire gets oxygen it could explode!  Please remember: FIRE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!



Today we went to Yaphank Center.  Fireman Elliot told us it is okay to be afraid of the fire.  He showed us melted phones, burned doors.  He said that smoke can burn your face and kill you.  He showed us a  burned TV.  We saw pictures of houses that were burned from cigarettes  and matches.  Before we left, we went through a tunnel and we had to kick a door and we went through a window that was open. 



At the Yaphank Fire House, Fireman Elliot taught us that you don't breathe in smoke.  I felt scared when I went through the tunnel of smoke.  It wasn't that scary.  A lot of people were scared.  Shaina was just as scared as me.  I didn't mind anything.  The tunnel didn't have real smoke.



Today we went to the Yaphank Center . Fireman Elliot told  us that it is okay to be afraid of fire.  He showed us melted phones and two doors that were burned.  We learned that some of the things that other fireman say aren't true.  Other fireman say when your clothes catch on fire to stop, drop and roll.  But, when you go down forward your sleeve could catch on fire and you could get burned.  When you go down you should put your face down  first and roll then.  We sat on the floor  for one hour .  Then we had a bathroom break.  When we came back he showed us a melted TV and  metal that was melted  also.  Then we practiced a fire drill.  I was the first one to do it because I was the only one without smoke.  I had to roll off a bed, crawl through a little tunnel and thrn I had to kick a door closed, and climb through a fake window and then I went to the meeting place.  I had to go out the door after that because of my asthma.  After that we went back to school.  I had a great time.



We learned at he Training Center that fires were made from 2 year olds and 5 year olds.  Fireman Elliot showed us pictures of houses that were on fire. Then we had a drill.  I didn't want to go, but I had to.  I felt very scared, but I had to.  It was so scary I didn't even want to close the door and jump out of the window.  But, when I saw my dad I didn't feel scared anymore.



Today my class and I went to Yaphank Center and Fireman Elliot taught us that if your house is on fire you get out and stay out.  Do not look for your pets.  If you have a baby brother or sister and they are sleeping across from you, grab them by the shirt and pull them out.


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