Name______________________________________________________            Skill: Adding -s or  -es





                                               fix      wish
                                              class      slipper
                                              book       witch
                                             buzz       fish


  Choose the best root (base) word from above for each sentence.

Add s or es.

1.  My fish tank is full of colorful _______________________________.

2.  When I blew out my candles I had many _________________________.

3.  The bee ________________________ around a garden of spring flowers.

4.  Some ___________________________ will go to lunch earlier today.

6.  On Halloween you can see many scary __________________________________.

7.  My feet are cold, I need my _____________________________________.

8. There are many ________________________ to read in my class library.

9.  In the forest I see many gray __________________________hunting for food.

10.  My dad cut down the ___________________________________ of some of the trees.

On the back of this paper write some more plurals using s or es.

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