My name is ______________and I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself.

     I'm famous because _____________ (at this point, please help your child write one paragraph of about 6 sentences telling what they did to become famous.)

     I think that my most successful accomplishment was _____________. (Please help your child tell what he or she is most proud of doing.)

     I was born in _________ and I died in _________ at the age of ____________.  I lived about _________years ago.

     Living during my lifetime was special because, ____________________. (Help your child complete this sentence.)

     If I could come back right now, I'd like to tell the people of 2004 (change every year the date) that ____________________. (Give advice to the present day world or share some secret about their life.)


Add a cover for your report with a picture. You may add to this report by giving handouts to the kids, or any other creative thing you choose.

As stated, parents may help if they need to. 

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