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These poems were inspired by CJ Heck's poem  "My World"


My World 

In my dream,

stars were glowing in the sky.

Marshmallows fell like

snow falling.

The sun rose and it was a beautiful day.

Cotton candy were the clouds.


I walk on and I saw

graham cracker stepping stones.

Lifesaver flowers rose from the ground.

Long pretzels stood tall.

I started to eat.


I heard a sound.

It sounded like my mom.

I woke up, and said,

"I don't want to get up.  I'm still eating!"

By: Taylor



Candy Land


Once I walked through Candy Land and

all the stars were Starbursts, that I could touch.

The rain was gum and gooey.

It snowed Hershey Kisses.  That was great!

Candy kiss

The worms were gummy worms and

All the bears tummies were Crunch bars.

Logs were red licorice sticks.

I saw a lake all made of ice cream.

But, I fell into it.


The leaves were little marshmallows falling in my basket.

Candy Canes were  the Candy land Flag.

Lemon drops were yellow grass. 


All the fish were goldfish crackers.


I didn't know about the Skittle bugs.

Malt balls were  little deer running.


But, when I woke up

It was all just a dream.

By: Cash



In my dream Crunch Bars

were dirt.

Lollipops were the flowers

And M&M's were ants.


I walked to the pretzel trees.

It started to snow marshmallows. 

I looked into the sky and saw a starburst 

star and ice cream clouds.


Leaves were chocolate chips

And a licorice bird's nest was empty.


Then my mom woke me up for school.

By: James



My Candy Land


In my dream,

all the ice cubes were big chunks

of chocolate chips.

The stars were yellow starbursts.


I came to a forest with a peppermint 

tea lake,

And pretzel trees,

 with green icing for the leaves.


I then came to a meadow of sugar canes.

Than a Jell-o wolf jumped out!

He didn't bite me.

If he did it wouldn't hurt.


Then a little, blue, lollipop bird

came to ME!

He told me to look up to the sky.

I did and saw marshmallow clouds.

The two lollipop birds took me

up to the blue, Laffy-Taffy sky,

and sat me on one of the marshmallow clouds.


Then I heard a scream!

It was my brother waking me up for 


By: Timothy



My Candy World


In my dream the grass was

made of green Jell-O.

It felt gooey and 

tasted yummy!


The bushes were scoops of ice cream.


The dirt I walked on was

chocolate pudding, so

I ate it!

It was good.

Before I knew it,

it the chocolate pudding was gone.


I woke up.

I said, Mom, what's for breakfast?"

Then I got out of bed.

By: Christopher



My Candy World


I was walking through

a forest with silly things.

Marshmallows were frogs

That hopped all around the

lollipop world.

Juice was the flowing streams.

That is the best to swim in.


Kit-Kat bar trees

grew Swedish fish,

that were all different kinds of colors,

except white and black.

Candy burgers were the butterflies.

That was very tasty.


Gingerbread men were the bushes,

That were  mostly brown.

I'd rather go get a tummy ache

Then to stop eating!


By: Kayleigh



Candy Land


In my dream, all roses were candy

hearts that I could give to my Valentine.

Bubble gum became paths that I could

walk on,

Lollipop Po-Go sticks that I could hop on,

M&M balls that I could bounce,

Hershey Kisses as icicles in the winter,

marshmallow stepping stones

that I stepped on

And ice cream colors mixed up

to make a sunset in the sky.


But, when I touched the heart-shaped rose ~it vanished!

When I walked down the bubble gum path,

it exploded with a net!


Candy bottle cap bugs came out of nowhere.

They began to spin a cotton candy web.

I touched everything.

It all vanished!


I heard a bark!  It was my dog, Louie.

I jumped up and said, Louie, please be quiet."

By: Brandi



Candy Dream

In my dream lollipops were as big as trees

that had star burst leaves.

Kit - Kat bar sidewalks,

And Hershey Kiss hats, that I wore to school.


When it rained skittles fell from the sky.

In winter marshmallows were snow,

Cotton candy floated through the sky.


Chocolate cakes were the Rocky Mountains

Goldfish crackers were nearby in a chocolate lake.

Gummy worms were slithering  by with all different colors.


The moon was yellow gum,

Popcorn was my dress,

Red licorice sticks for pencils

All the school walls were made of graham crackers.


I went through a forest

When I heard

My brother call me.

I woke up, and my brother was on top of me

Trying to wake me up.

I don't want to wake up!


By: Samantha





My World

In my dream,

I saw whipped cream clouds

With a black licorice sky.

Soon marshmallows fell like snow

Dropping onto my nose.


I went sleigh riding on a Kit-Kat bar

With a gum drop handle.

What fun!


Later I built a marshmallow snowman.

It had three balls,

Brown M&M's for his mouth,

A sweet potato nose,

And some green skittle eyes.


Then my friend called me on the telephone.

Mom woke me up

she wanted me to play in the snow.


It really did snow.

But not...


By: Victoria



Candy Land


In Candy Land there were lollipop trees,

That had marshmallow leaves.


The rain was sprinkles that fell 

on my tongue

And if they hit the ground

they sprinkled chocolate cake.


Oceans were root beer floats,

And there were lots of boats

made out of gummy worms.


There were bushes with M&M's

Berries that tasted really good.

Sunflowers with lemon starburst

Petals and tall pretzel stick



If I could go to Candy Land

I would bring all my friends

And eat until I get sick!

By: Joshua


Candy kiss     Candy kiss      Candy kiss     Candy kiss     Candy kiss     Candy kiss


My World


In my dream, Kit-Kat bars were 

Canoes  floating on the lake.

A chocolate cookie was a Frisbee for my dog.


Malts were falling everywhere 

from a cliff high above.

Graham cracker flags waved in

our country.


Hershey Kiss tornados rumbling below.

Oreos were comets hitting 

the jaw breaker earth --

Crumble, crumble, crash!!!


While lollipops became

my car lights, so I could see

Candy canes became fishing poles.


Lemon drops fell like rain on me--

Mmmmm, so good!

Peppermints were golden

treasures that I had to find.


I went to reach for the gold

and I fell off of my bed.

My dream disappeared

and my mom was calling me.

By: Joseph


My Candy World


In my dream the rain was

chocolate and the trees were

tall pretzels.

In the forest there was a big swamp.


Peppermint Patty's were stones going across

the swamp.  Lollipops were umbrellas.


Maybe in the next century the world

will be this way.

Even though, I still like the world the

way it is now.


My dog woke me up!

I just couldn't eat my food after looking

at all that candy!

By: Melissa




My World


In my dream the snow was marshmallows,

the lakes made out of lemon drops.


The trees were made out of tall pretzels,

and candy canes hung from its branches.


I saw a forest up ahead with a path

made out of twizzlers.

I followed the path.

It lead to peppermint patties falling

from the sky.

I caught a few

In a bag made out of graham crackers.


I saw far away mountains

made out of ice cream,

on the top there were M&M's

and chocolate syrup dripping

down its sides.


Then Maggie jumped on my

seat and said,

"Wake up! Wake up!"

I had to get off the bus.

But if I had my way,

That would be the day.

By: Emma V.


Candy kiss     Candy kiss     Candy kiss     Candy kiss     Candy kiss



My Dream


In my dream

all the mountains were ice cream.

The trees were pretzel sticks.


A bubble gum path

leads to my Kit-Kat house.

The sun was an orange mento.


The flowers were lollipops.

The moon was a chocolate chip



If the world is like my dream

I would eat all day!

By: Vincent





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