Creature Poetry




Midnight In The Classroom
(author unknown)

Children , have you ever wondered,
How your classroom looks at night,
When the world has fallen silent,
With the fading of the light?

Mellow moonbeams, gently slanting,
Paint the room in gold and grey,
Behind the desks the chairs awaken,
Move about and have their say.

Wasn't teacher cross this morning?
Laughs the blackboard to the rest
When she found that Hal had hidden,
His pet hamster down his vest.

On the floor a lovely pencil
grumbled to a chair,
Sonia saw me but walked past me
Just as if I wasn't there.

Desk lids creak and open softly,
Books step out as brave as day
Stroll around and chatter loudly,
Of the children in your class.

Stella Keating's always eating,
Harold Rice is scared of mice,
I don't fancy Dermot Clancy,
Susan Price is awful nice.

So through out the hours of moonlight
All the class things lightly talk
Pens and crayons, shelves and rulers,
Trundle wheels and bits of chalk.

When the sun peeps through the mountains
Chasing nights blackness away
Back they creep into their places
Ready for the next day.





 An Irritating Creature

~ Jack Prelutsky 1984

There's an irritating creature
in my living room today,
it's been here for now,
and it will not go away.
The first time that I saw it,
it was in my easy chair.
and displayed no inclination
to forsake its station there.
I put it in a parcel.
And left it at the store
the thing was there to greet me  

when I opened up my door,
I took it to the forest,

and tied it to a tree,
I found it in my kitchen
having sandwiches and tea.
I packed it in a carton

I concealed it in a rocket
that was bound for outer space,
it was back that very evening
with a smile upon its face.
It appears I can't evict it,
though I truly wish I could,
it's entirely too tenacious-
I suspect it's here for good!




The Creature in the Classroom

 By:Jack Prelutsky

It appeared inside our classroom
at a quarter after ten,
it gobbled up the blackboard,
three erasers and a pen.
It gobbled teacher's apple
and it bopped her with the core.
"How dare you!" she responded.
"You must leave us....there's the door."

The Creature didn't listen
but described an arabesque
as it gobbled all her pencils,
seven notebooks and her desk.
Teacher stated calmly,
"Sir! you simply cannot stay,
I'll report you to the principal
unless you go away!"

But the thing continued eating,
it ate paper, swallowed ink,
as it gobbled up our homework
I believe I saw it wink.
Teacher finally lost her temper,
"OUT!" she shouted at the creature.
The creature hopped beside her
and gobbled the teacher.