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The Three Little Pigs


Once there were three little pigs.  Two went to college, and the other

 pig was dumb so he couldn’t go to college. He didn’t even know how much 2+2 was.


One pig made a metal house, one made a house of bricks with a sign that said, 

 "Keep out!"


The dumb one couldn’t afford a house. He was homeless, and slept in the streets.  Boy, that wasn’t too smart!


So one day a big, bad bear came into town.  He found the dumb pig. He said,  “You’re dumb, can I eat you?”  The pig was so dumb that he said yes. So the bear did.

His other two brothers, who had gone to college, relaxed together having some beer and some pretzels.


The moral of this story is:  “Always go to college, pigs!”

By: Cash



The Three Little Pigs


Once upon a time there were three little pigs.  One pig made his house out of paper, the other made his house out of sticks, and the third made his house out of metal.


The big bad wolf was on his way to Tampa Bay, Florida, to eat the three little pigs.  After much traveling time he arrived at the first house. 


He went up to the door and said, “Open up or I’ll huff and puff and I’ll blow your house down.”  But the pig didn’t open the door. Instead he ran out the back door.  Then the wolf blew the house down.


The pig ran to his brother’s house. The wolf then ran to the second pig’s house. He went up to the door and said, “ Open this door or I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down.”


The two pigs ran out the back door to the third brother’s house. They warned him of the wolf.  Since the house was metal, they decided to play some cards.


 The wolf then ran to the third pig’s house.  He went up to the door, was about to knock on it, when he saw an open window.  He climbed in.

The three pigs were playing cards.  When he climbed in he knocked over a glass.  They heard him.  But they kept quiet.


The wolf crept into the kitchen looking for the pigs.  He opened the oven door and…quickly the pigs shoved him into the oven and closed the door.


They had a great dinner that evening.

By: Brian


The Three Little Pigs


Once upon a time there were three little pigs.  They lived in an abandoned village.  The only other animal that lived near there was a mean, old tiger. 

  One pig decided he needed an education.  He went off to college. 

  The other two pigs, who weren’t as smart, continued to sleep in the sand and do the same things day in and day out.


Years later, the pig, who went to college, returned home.  He decided to build a home.  He built a large barn for himself.  Since there wasn’t any electricity he tried to make some.  He was successful. 


One night the mean old tiger decided to come to the village. He saw one pig sleeping.  He ate him!  Chomp, chomp.


The other brother who had woken up saw his brother gone!  He ran to the barn of his other brother. He told him there was a tiger outside.  He saw the tiger.  He then took some wire and decided to dangle it outside of his window.  He shouted at the tiger,” Look, a mouse!”  The tiger believed him and ran to eat the mouse, but it was really the wire.  He got electrocuted.  That was the end of the tiger for good. 


The two pigs lived happily ever after.

By: Jennifer




Cinderella went to school everyday.  She never dressed nicely.  She was always wearing raggedy clothes.  Nobody ever saw here wear a dress, because she never had one.  Everybody always made fun of her.


But, one day standing in the hallway, she felt flashy eyes staring at her, in a beautiful way.  It was a very handsome boy.  He walked up to her and said, “You might not be beautiful on the outside but on the inside I know you have a beautiful heart.”  So after school she went home and told her stepsisters what had happened in school that day.  Then when Cinderella was finished telling them they told her that they were going to a ball that night.  They told her she couldn’t come because she had to stay home and clean the fireplace.  Cinderella was very sad.


The stepsisters went upstairs and changed into their new dresses. Soon they left for the ball.

Instead of cleaning the fireplace, Cinderella went upstairs in her stepsister’s room and took a dress out of their closet.  She put it on and then went into the bathroom to take care of her hair.  She put on makeup and then looked at herself in the mirror.  “I look perfect now.  I shall go to the ball.  But how do I get there?” she said out loud. 


She walked outside and tried to find her way, but she got herself lost.  Then she saw a Fairy Godmother and she asked, “Do you know the way to the ball?”  “I will grant you two wishes,” said the Fairy Godmother.  “Tell me what your wishes will be.”  Cinderella said, “ I would like to find the way to the ball and I wish that the boy who made my heart feel warm in school yesterday will be there, too.”


So the Fairy Godmother sent her off to the ball and this time she had no problem finding it.  All her wishes were granted.  She looked beautiful and even danced with the handsome boy.


At 12:00 sharp, just like the fairy tale, Cinderella left for home. 


When she was in bed she said to herself, “ This was a night I will never forget.”


By: Melissa


Cinderella and The Hat


Once upon a time Cinderella got an invitation to a dance party at her school.  But her mean, old, witch, mom and dad made her stay home and clean.  She couldn’t go and have fun at the party.


Mom and dad went to the movies and left Cinderella home.

Cinderella cleaned and cleaned very quickly.  Then she got dressed in some regular type clothing and ran to the party. It was still early and she knew the movie was long. On the way she found a hat. 

Cinderella said, “Cool!” and then put the hat on.  All of a sudden something magical happened.  Her clothes changed from regular old clothes to the prettiest, bluest , fanciest dress you ever saw.  She was very surprised.

When she finally got to the party it was almost over.  But there were a few more minutes left so she danced and danced. 

Meanwhile, mom and dad got home early from the movies because the movie wasn’t very good.  They didn’t see their daughter, Cinderella, anywhere.  They knew!  She couldn’t fool them.  They headed straight to the dance.

The dad surprised her and in seeing him she feel down.  He scowled at her.  “What are you doing here?”  asked her dad.  “I’m dancing! “Why?” asked Cinderella.  “You are suppose to be cleaning!” her dad said.

“I finished, dad!” said Cinderella. 

Dad decided to go easy on Cinderella, because she looked so beautiful.

She went back to the dance. A boy came over and asked her to dance with him.


The hat started to shake.  The wind picked up her hat and it landed on the ground.  It popped into a carriage.  They got in together. And lived happily ever after.


By: Laura



The Clumsy Duck

Once upon a time there was a duck that was very clumsy!  Everyone always laughed at him, because feathers were sticking out of his head and he was always tripping over his own feet.  

Being so sad in school one day, he decided to go home.  But, unfortunately, on his way out he tripped over a rock and thought he broke his leg.  Nobody would help him. “What can I do? “ he thought.  He tried to get up, but he couldn’t.  A little girl stopped and said, “I’ll help you.”  “You mean you don’t think I am a clumsy duck?”  “No, because I know how it feels to be laughed at. I was laughed at in school, too.” 

The little girl helped the clumsy duck up.  The leg wasn’t broken after all. It was badly sprained.

The little girl took care of him.

 When the clumsy duck grew up, he was so handsome that he never was laughed at again.

By: Taylor


The Three Little Pigs 


Once upon a time there were three little pigs.  They had a mom who wanted them to make money. So they all got together and came up with an idea.  They decided to build some hotels.  The first hotel was made out of wood.  The second hotel was made out of stones.  The third hotel was made out of steel. Then a really fat elephant came into town.  He went right over to the first hotel and he body slammed it.  Then he went over to the second hotel and butt slammed that one.  Then he went over to the third hotel and kicked it in, but it was steel!  He ended up getting hurt. 


They all made money at the steel hotel because they knew how to share.

By: Vincent




I am sure you have heard the story of Cinderella.  I am also sure you know Cinderella wore glass slippers.  But, I’m sure you do not know that Cinderella was a fake!  Cinderfella is the real character. 

Let me tell you about Cinderfella. 

Once there was a boy named Farley. He wore rags, had scabs,  hadn’t washed in years and was covered with ashes because his father made him clean the fireplace daily. His brothers  never seemed to do much of anything. So everyone called him Cinderfella.  His only friends were rats.

Cinderfella dreamed of  marrying a Princess who had a palace.

One day a mail carrier came carrying a letter.  It said, “To All Gentlemen ~ Princess Lee wants to get married.  A dance will be held at Bellport’s Champagne House.   The best gentleman shall marry Princess Lee.”

This is my big chance, thought Cinderfella.

“Cinder, what is all that racket?” asked his father.  “We got invited to a dance, father,” said Cinderfella.  “Give me that,” the father responded in an unpleasant voice.  Cinderfella gave the letter to his father.  “Can I go, father?” asked Cinderfella. 


                                      Only if you mop the floors,

                                      Only if you wash the doors,

                                      Only if you bathe the rats

                                      And along with that 

                                       Shave the cats.”


“Shave the cats!”  said Cinderfella puzzled.

“Well, maybe you can skip that,” the father said.

His brothers  heard about the dance and thought it would be fun. The father didn’t have a problem with that.

While everyone else in the house was getting prepared for the dance, Cinderfella was cleaning the floors and then the doors, bathing the rats, but not shaving the cats.  Instead, he was making himself a tuxedo. (Bow and all.) 

It was now time for the dance  and everyone left for the Champagne House, except Cinderfella.  He was busily getting dressed. But, oops!  All of the seams opened and the tuxedo fell apart! 

Well, there wasn’t any Fairy Godmothers or Godfathers left for this Cinderfella story, so a Fairy Goat came  flying out of the sky. 

“A Fairy Godmother or Godfather is suppose to fly out of the sky, not a goat!” he yelled.  “I’m the best you can get, unless you want a Fairy Bug,” the goat responded.  “Let’s just get on with the story,” said Cinderfella.


Bibbitty, bobbitty, goat!  All of a sudden little gold sheep were floating around in circles above his head.  When they disappeared, Cinderfella was dressed in the finest tuxedo he ever saw.  “You must be home by 11 pm that is when you’ll turn back into yourself,” said the Fairy Goat.

“What! Cinderella got one more hour then me!” said Cinderfella.

“Sorry,” said the goat as he flew away.

Cinderfella, without a carriage, ran to the Champagne House. 

He looked at the time when he arrived.  It was 9pm.  Nobody recognized him because he looked so clean and handsome.  Anyway, there was a big line to dance with Princess Lee. “I’ll never get a chance to dance with the Princess by 11pm,” mumbled Cinderfella. “What can I do?” he asked himself.  Then he got an idea.  He turned off the lights and then cut ahead of the person that was next in line to dance with the Princess.

Someone turned the lights on.  It was finally his turn.  He danced until his heart really ached for her.

 The Princess was about to make a decision on her husband when…

Cinderfella turned back into his regular self as the clock stroke 11!

He was embarrassed and ran for home, as his bow fell to the ground.

Princess Lee wanted to follow him, but he was too fast.  She had decided she wanted him as a husband.

The next day Princess Lee went to every house to find the guy who matched with the tie. 

When she knocked on the door the brothers of Cinderfella answered.  They tried on the bow tie, but it just didn’t match them.  The Princess saw Cinderfella in the next room.  He was still covered with ashes from his morning cleaning.  She asked him if he would try on the bow tie.  He did.  It matched and they got married.  She called him Farley.  They lived happily ever after.

By: Tara



The Ugly Duckling


Once there was a duckling that wasn’t good in math.  All the other ducklings hated him because not only was in bad in school he was ugly. He was very sad.  Nobody liked him.  He tried and tried to do better.  He just gave up!  His mom was worried.  But, then the duckling got a tutor.  He really improved in math.  When the duckling went back to Ducky School he was the smartest one in his class.


 He grew up to be the smartest math teacher.  He taught math in a very special way so others could learn just like he did. Being such a good teacher made him beautiful .

By: Mary

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The Three Little Pigs


Once upon a time there were three ugly pigs.  Everybody laughed at them.  They were in college.  Everyone in college laughed at them, too.  Even their mom and dad laughed at them.  Then they graduated.  They needed a place to live.  So the pigs made a metal house.  Then a wolf came and knocked down their door.  The wolf saw the three ugly pigs and ran away.  He told everyone he saw about the ugliest pigs he had ever seen. And a wolf never knocked down or came near the pigs house again.  The pigs lived happily ever after.

By: James




The Ugly Duckling

Once upon a time in a woods, where a stream went by, Mrs. Duck was sitting on her five eggs.  She was hungry and went to get food .  When she came back the eggs were starting to hatch.  All were white, but one.  He was yellow.  They all had nice names.  Billy, Amy, Steve, Cuddley, and Ugly.  They were growing fast.  Billy wanted to be a coach, Amy wanted to be an art teacher, Steve wanted to be a TV star, Cuddley wanted to have a store, and Ugly wanted to have his own toy store. 

But Mrs. Duck said, ”Ugly, you’ll have to have a more mature job, like your  brothers and sisters.  “But I don’t want to, ”said Ugly stamping his feet.  He got so mad he turned a bright red.  


Then a week later they were starting Ducky School.  The kids made fun of Ugly.  His brothers and sisters tried to make him feel better.  He got very mad he went quacking away to the woods.


When he got to the woods, he found a lost little girl.  He said, “Hi.  What are you doing here?”  The little girl said, “Everyone always makes fun of me. So I ran away.”  “Why?” asked the duck.  “I don’t know, they just do.  By the way my name is Amanda.” 


When she turned to Ugly, Ugly jumped up and down.  “Would you like to go down to the stream?” asked Ugly.  “Oh, would I!” she replied. 


When they got there Amanda said, “ I have a basket lets pick some lion-cherries.”  They did.   Later on Ugly decided to help Amanda find her way back home. 


After doing a good deed, Ugly turned magically into the most handsome boy.


When they got older Ugly and Amanda got married.  They had DUCKLINGS of their own!  The whole thing started all over again.


By: Samantha  ( Sammy, we will miss you and your wonderful writing.  Good luck in your new school.)


The Three Not So Little Pigs


Once upon a time there were three little pigs, who actually weren’t so little.  They would always wander the streets going from house to house.  The house owner would say they loved them and wanted them to spend the night, but they were bigger than the front door. So therefore they couldn’t fit in.  In fact, nobody could ever invite the pigs to their home because of this.

When people passed by them they would stare for a moment and then faint! 

In their spare time they would steal things to eat.  They’d eat, and eat, and EAT!  It’s know wonder they were so big.

“Whoever is reading this story then get on with it! “ said the pigs.  “Okay, okay,” said whoever was reading this story. 

So anyway, one day the oldest pig said, “You all know that we can’t fit through a doorway. So let’s build our own house.”

So they did.  The youngest pig made his house out of leaves.  The second oldest pig made his house out of sticks.  The oldest made his house out of cement. 

One day a wolf came to the youngest pig’s house and said, “Open up or I’ll blow your house down.”  But there was no answer because the pig ran to the second little pig’s house.  He told him about the wolf and pretty soon, there he was.  “Open up, or I’ll blow your house down,” said the wolf.  But, once again there wasn’t any answer, because they ran straight to the oldest pig’s house.  They told him about the wolf.  Pretty soon, there he was!  “Open up or I’ll blow your house down,” said the wolf.  “No!” answered the pigs. 

So the wolf tried to blow the house down, but he couldn’t.  The wolf climbed down the chimney.  But, first the pigs put a fire in the fireplace.  It made the fireplace so hot that when he wolf landed in the fire he jumped up!  When he did that, he broke his leg.

He never came near the pigs house again.

By: Joshua


The Ugly Duckling


Once upon a time there was a mother swan.  She gave birth to six ducklings.  One of them was ugly.  It just didn’t look like a regular duckling.  The other ducklings were yelling, “I’m so glad that we don’t look like that!”

One day one of the ducklings was crossing the road.  A car was coming! Before the car reached the duckling, the ugly duckling saved her, by pushing her out of the way 

They never made fun of the ugly duckling again!

The moral of the story is: You might not be beautiful outside, but it’s inside that counts.

By: Emma V.


The Ugly Duckling


Once upon a time there was a mother duck and she was always sitting on her eggs.  When her eggs hatched she had quite a surprise.  One of her ducklings was ugly.  All the other ducklings called him names.  They named him, The Ugly Duckling!

“ That’s the last straw,” said the ugly duckling.  “I’m going to be a racer, and build my car out of lily pads, “ he said.

Years passed by.  He became a famous race car driver and everyone loved him because he made all the ugly things in life look beautiful!

By: Christopher (Great job, Chris)




Cinderella went to school everyday.  She had only one friend in school.  It was a boy named Bob. 

Their teacher was very nice. She hardly gave any homework.  She made them only do one page of math. 

It was lunchtime.  They ate and then went to recess.  Outside, Cinderella lost her shoe.  Bob found it! He gave it to her.

Bob went to Cinderella after school to ask her to go to the movies later.  She said yes and they had dinner over her house.

By: Melanie


The Three Little Pigs


Once upon a time there were three medium pigs.  Two went to Junior High School and one was older and so he went to build houses.  The first pig’s name was Joel, and second pig’s name was Mike, and the third pig’s name was Phil.  Phil made his house out of aluminum.  Mike and Joel lived with Phil. 


When the two brothers were older they decided to move out. 


Joel built a house of cement, and Mike built one of rock.


Then the big, bad wolf came.  He said, “ Little pig, little pig let me in.”  Joel asked, “ Who is it?”  The wolf replied, “ The delivery boy.”  “For what?” asked Joel.  “Bacon,” said the wolf.  “Nice try,” said Joel.  He slammed the door in the wolf’s face. 


The wolf went to the next house.  It was Mike’s house.  Since his house was made of rocks, the wolf couldn’t get in.


But Mike was smart and knew he had to leave.  Knowing there was a wolf around it wasn’t safe.  He ran out the back door to Phil’s house.


So the wolf who was also smart just gave up and went home. 


 Now all the brothers were together at Phil’s house.  They were safe.


By: Timothy