Jenna has been extremely interested in  Poetry this year. 

She sometimes does it in her spare time. This is her page.  Good job, Jenna!

                  Good Morning

When I wake

I always say good morning

to the earth.

I say good good morning

to the beauty of Nature.

Good morning to the

growing trees,

and also the flowing rivers.

Good morning, soaring birds

all around me.

Good morning, squirrels

scampering up a tree,

and also the running deer.

Good morning, little baby  black bear

just coming out of your cozy

little cave.

Good morning, dew drops,

on each flower,

And also good morning to the

wonderful earth we live in!


My Friend and I

My friend and I walk the silent beach each night.

My friend and I sit on a tall hill to see the sun

     set every evening.

My friend and I smell the flowers in the meadows.

My friend and I sit on the river's side to see the fish

     swim in happiness.

My friend and I laugh in laughter.

We will always be friends, forever!


My Icky, Wicky Brother

My brother like spiders.

I better stay in today!

He's so wacky, he just may

try something tacky.

He has lots of stuff that frightens me

I never try and touch.

Those wiggly things that I don't like much.

My brother is like a pig

He plays in the dirt and digs, digs, digs.

He even enjoys bugs

Which as a joke he hides under rugs.

Oh, know! 

Here comes my  brother.

I'm going to scream, "MOTHER!"

But she even says it just your icky, wicky, brother!

Oh! Mother!