The Camp Out


  “HELP! I can’t hold it off much longer! Please someone, HELP ME!”


   I bet your wondering what’s going on? Well, it all started when some of my friends, and me decided to go camping this year, and well as you can see, things didn’t turn out the way they were suppose to. So, everything seemed to be going hunky dory until nightfall. That’s when I had a feeling that something was wrong.


   I tried to warn the others, but they just thought I was too chicken, and that I was too afraid to stay in the woods at night. The only one who would believe me was my best friend Leslie, who knew that I wouldn’t be afraid to stay the night in a murky or spooky place. She also knew that if I get that feeling that we better evacuate immediately or else we’ll be left hanging off a cliff or something horrible like that.


   So, Leslie and me set off thundering down the path through the woods with our flashlights leading the way, showing a dim beam for us to follow. Suddenly, my feeling bursts into flames. I told Leslie that we have to go back. She agrees, because she knows I’m right. As we turned to go back we heard a scream in the distance. We take off running towards it as fast as our legs could take us. As we made our way into the clearing we saw our friends cornered by a hideous monster. The monster was towering above them, like a skyscraper leaning over a small village. As we

neared the monstrosity I stopped to tell Leslie my plan, she agreed to take part in this dangerous mission.



For the sake of our friends we got in our places, Leslie hid behind a nearby tree as I threw rocks to get its attention. As it turned around I started to run and Leslie moved our friends to a safer place. I ran as fast as I could to escape its grasp. “ HELP! I can’t hold it off much longer! Please someone, HELP ME!!”



   My dad heard the screams and came to investigate. When he saw it chasing me he yelled, “Jeremy, stop scaring your sister and her friends and take off the Halloween costume now!”


When I heard that it was a joke I was angry and relieved. I rushed over to let my friends know that it was just my annoying older brother playing tricks. My dad assured us that the monster would not be back. Now maybe we could get some sleep.


Kristin Patrick

Grade 5

February 18, 2005