Magic Tree House Stories





Christmas Special

By: Steven


One day in  the town of Patchogue, Steven and Danny  were walking and saw a falcon. They followed the falcon to what seemed a magical tree house. They thought King Arthur  might be there.  He wasn't!

So they climbed up the rope ladder.  Steven looked on the floor for a book, but instead, he found a scroll.  He opened the scroll and the wind started to blow, the tree house started to spin.  It spun faster and faster and faster!  Then the wind stopped.

The magic tree house landed in an orchard tree somewhere on a Pacific Island.  Danny was very hungry.  He didn't have any breakfast.  So he reached down and picked a plump, Granny Smith apple.  What he did not know was it had magic powers to make him read books.  You see, Danny was 4 years old, and he couldn't read yet. 

When Danny was done they climbed down the giant rope ladder.  

They peered across, and saw an island with tons of trees covered with lots of colored lights and decorations. But, they also saw something else. Sand creatures!  They were stealing all the decorations and buried treasure underground. 

Danny and Steven swam in the deep water to reach the other side of the island. 

They made a trap out of a hole they found and some leaves.  When the sand creatures approached they fell into the trap!  They couldn't get out. 

Steven and Danny traveled across the water again.  When they got back to Christmas Land, they got back into the tree house.  The wind blew again and they swirled around.  Soon they were back home.  Just in time for dinner.


In The Prehistoric Jungle

Once, two boys, named Justin and Chris were walking in the woods.  They found a tree house and climbed up the rope ladder.  When they finally reached the top they found a dust-filled book called, The Prehistoric Times. They picked it up and started to read.


Then the tree house started to twirl and twirl.  Chris screamed, "What's going on?" Justin screamed back, "I don't know!"

Soon they landed in a prehistoric jungle.  Justin said, "Wow! That tree house was magical.  It took us to a prehistoric jungle."  Chris said, "Let's go exploring." 

So they went exploring. 

Just heard a Stegosaurus crying, so he went to see what was wrong.  She said that a Tyrannasaurus was after her baby.

They looked all around the jungle, except for a big, dark, scary cave!

Just then Justin heard T-Rex roaring and a baby Steg crying.  He knew that they had to go in that dark cave! 

They went in and the cries became louder.  Finally they were at the end of the cave.  They found the baby Steg.

Coming from a different part of the cave they heard loud footsteps.  They ran ass fast as they could because it was a T-Rex!

Both of them gave the baby Steg to its mother and went back to the magic tree house and read a book about, Patchogue, New York.

The magic tree house spun getting faster and faster.  Finally they were back home.


Christmas in Florida

By: Dakota

There were two friends named Kimberly and Dakota, who loved to play in Dakota's tree house.  Why you ask?  It seemed that this tree house was very magical!

At the tree house, the girls opened up a book about Florida.  The tree house began to shake, twist and turn. 

The girls landed in Florida!

You wouldn't believe this, but, it started to snow.  Walking toward them was their old friend, Demi. 

(Not completed as yet)

loose diamonds

The Magic Tree House: The Lost Diamond

By: Amy

Julianna and Amy were walking in the woods one day and they discovered a  tree house.  They climbed up a rope ladder.  They saw a book and opened it. They read about a rare missing diamond. When they did, Poof! Like magic they ended up in South America.

They climbed back down the rope.  Then they spied Kimberly, who was running toward them.  They couldn't believe their eyes.  They hadn't seen her in ages.

They told Kimberly about the rare, missing diamond in South America.  They asked Kimberly if she knew anything about it.  Kimberly said that she didn't know about it. 

The girls began walking.  They saw a bridge and decided to cross over it.   When they did they saw a huge, ancient, castle.  They crossed over the doorway to enter this dusty castle.

The girls saw mice running all over the dirty floor, many rooms, and towers of all different shapes and sizes.

They began looking for the missing diamond.  They looked in the dining room, first.  Then Julianna , Kimberly, and Amy decided to go look in the hallway, first.  Next they looked in the bedrooms.  When they went back downstairs they looked in the kitchen.  They checked all the rooms and then went to the highest tower.  Julianna remembered about the highest tower when reading in the book.  She told the other two girls. 

So they all began to walk and reach the highest tower.  It took a day to get all the way up the stairs. 

Then they started to look all around the tower.  They couldn't find the very rare diamond.  It was very hard to find! But, they kept on looking.

They looked behind mirrors and pictures.  Then Amy discovered a picture of a lady, who had a pocket sticking out of her dress.  It seemed real! So Amy reached into the pocket.  She pulled out something.  It was the rare, missing, diamond!!

They gave this to the President of the United States, when they returned home.  He kept it in a safe place, so no one else could steal it.  Maybe this would bring some world peace.


The Magic Spell

By: Kimberly C.

There were two girls named Kim and Dakota who were walking home from their school, Canaan Elementary School.  They saw a shining light coming from the giant forest in back of the school.

Kim gently took Dakota's hand and said, "Come on, it is telling us something."

They followed the light which took them deeper and deeper into the forest. Dakota said, " Look up. "

There stood a tree house.  Kim said, " Let's go up. " So they carefully climbed up to the tree house.  As soon as they both got up, Kim said, " Wow! It's dusty up here."  

Right above them was a shelf.  The shelf had lots of books.  They picked one that was titled, Hawaii.  

The girls opened the book carefully and said, "We wish we could be in Hawaii." 

The tree house spun faster and faster until it came to a stop.

 They each looked down and saw their two old friends, Amy and Christina.  They both said, "Why are you guys here?"  

"Well we found a magic tree house and wished ourselves here." stated Kim and Dakota. We thought maybe you'd like to return with us.

"We'd like to, but we have a problem.  Our parents have been captured and hypnotized by the mean King of Hawaii because he wants to control everybody." added Christina.



The Pet Store

By: Julianna

Once there was two girls named Amy and Julianna.  They were playing around.  They saw a tree house. They climbed up the long, long, ladder.  Then they saw thousands of books.  Amy took a book out and opened it. The book was called Pet Store

The tree house started to spin and spin.  When it stopped, Amy looked down.  She said," Julianna, look!" 

When they came down the ladder, the girls went into the pet store.  A big dog, named Max was trying to catch a thief.  He could not catch the thief!

So, the girls tried to help him.  The thief was trying to eat one of the little pups.  So when they worked like a team, they caught the thief.  They saved the day. 

The pup was okay.  They gave the pet back to the store owner.  Now they said goodbye.

 They climbed up the long ladder.  When they reached the top they opened a book on New York.  The tree house began to shake.  The magic tree house started spinning.  The girls landed home safely in their own backyard. 

They climbed down and went inside their house.  Amy had to go home.  Her mom took her home and Julianna went to bed.