Memorial Day Parade

The band is coming down the street.

The trumpets flash and shine.

The flag is waving out in front.

There are tingles up my spine.

Left. Right. Root-de-toot.

The bugles give the call.

Left. Right. Trum-de-dum.

The drummers march so all.


The leader blows his whistle hard.

He gives his stick a spin.

Then every horn begins to play.

There are goose bumps on my skin.

Left. Right. Beep-de-beep.

The Navy's marching by.

Left. Right. Give a clap.

An airplane zooms the sky.


See the Gold Star Mothers.

They're riding on a float.

And now the soldiers come in view.

A lump is in my throat.

Left. Right. Hup-two-three.

A rhythm's in my feet.

Left. Right. There they go.

My heart just skipped a beat.

~By: Blanche Boshinski




Day of Memories

This is a day of memories

Of loyal hearts, and true.

Of hearts that beat like our today,

Of hearts that loved, of hearts that longed

To live and sing, to work and play.


Now have come years of peace again,

Of lasting peace we pray.

Still may we honor in our songs

That loyal band who for our land

Died, hoping still to right its wrongs.

~Emma W. Little




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