Mother's Day is

a spectacular holiday!

I make mom a wonderful

breakfast in bed.

I make her a gorgeous card

with flowers!

Even though I still mess up,

She loves me a whole lot!


Icon 2aJennifer

Icon 1b

Mother's day is:

Giving flowers to your mom,

Helping your mother

Mothers get to be lazy on this day.

Giving presents to your mom,

Like chocolate, a wide screen TV

Or even ten dollars.'


Icon 2aVincent

Icon 1b

Your eyes are an angel.

I hear you sing me your song, mom.

I love you so much.

You cry when I cry.

On Mother's Day

I will show you how much I love you.

And, I will never stop loving you.


Icon 2aZachary


     My mother is nice and she always goes to the mall.

She is the best mom I know.

She always kisses me

And hugs me.

She always reads to me every night.


Icon 2aJames


My mom is a special mom.

I love my mom because

She cleans my mess up

All the time.

She puts all of my toys in the right place.

It looks good.

My mom wakes me up for school.


Icon 2aPhilip


My mom is like a pink rose

In the sun

Dripping after it rains.

My mom is like thunder crashing

Through the air.

I love my mom.

Just as she loves me.

I need my mom,

And she needs me!


Icon 2aLaura


Mother's Day is all about love

And kindness.

Mother's Day is all about you spending time 

with your mother.

Mother's Day is a very unique holiday.

Mother's are very special people.

On Mother's Day mothers get

Chocolate hearts, cards, and candy.

Sometimes, my mom, even gets

Breakfast in bed at my house.

I love you, mom.


Icon 2aTimothy

Icon 1b

My mother is a rose sprouting

Her first pedal in a garden.

She's a lily pad in the lake.

A shining ring on my finger,

And a crown on my head.

A flying butterfly in the air

At the beach.

Mom, thank you for

Being my mom.


Icon 2aMelissa

Icon 1b

My mother is very close to me.

My mom takes care of me when I'm sick.

I love my mom.

She loves me, too.

My mother does all the little things

That please me.

My mom is the sun shining on me.

I love you, mom!!



Mother's Day is

A holiday!

My mother is special.

Mother's give comfort.

My mother gets flowers and presents.

I sing songs for her.

Happy Mother's Day!


Icon 2aMelanie


Mother, I love you!

You're my dreams come true.

You're my stars.

Mother, I love you.

All the best kisses

And hugs

Are from you.

You are my world.


Icon 2aKayleigh


When I get back from school

You are there.

You play with me, too.

You help me when I'm

Stuck on a word.

I think you love me.

But, I know...

I love you!


Icon 2aCash


My mother is like a little chick.

When I cry,

My mother cries.

She wraps me up with hugs.

My mom lets me know

When I mess up

In my homework.

When she goes to work

I feel lonely.


Icon 2aMichael


My mom is like

The sun shining.

Like a flower

I pick.

She is like

The green, green grass

I walk on.

I love you, mom.


Icon 2aMary


My mom is so special.

She loves me everyday.

She reads me bedtime stories

And tucks me in bed.

She goes to school and teaches, too.

I love her so much.

My mom is so special.


Icon 2aEmma V.

Icon 1b

My mother is so sweet.

My mother is like a flower blooming.

She's very special to me.

I miss you, mom.

I love my mom.

And she loves me.




My mom and I go places

Like the beach together.

We go everywhere possible.

She throws me parties.

She got me a dog.

Happy Mother's Day!


Icon 2aChristopher

Icon 1b

My mom is very loving and caring,

And sweet

She has a warm heart.

She is

Also very special and nice.

She is as beautiful as a rose.

My mother is the

Best mother in the whole wide



Icon 2aJoshua


Someone who loves me

Someone who cares for me

Someone who blows kisses to me

I love her so.

Who can it be?

Yes, it's my mother.

The one I love.

She's beautiful,


Her heart's filled with love,

And one thing...

Happy Mother's Day.


Icon 2aBrandi


Mother's Day is full of love,

And caring to me.

My mom is always trying to make

Me feel happy.

When I have problems

I know who to turn to...

My mom.

She's always telling me

She loves me very much.

Mother's Day is full of emotion.

My mom makes the world a better place

By planting gardens.

Mother's Day is full of love

And caring to me.


Icon 2aTara Anne


Mothers running around

Going to stores

Doing things they have to do.

They have just enough time

To spend with you.

My mom kisses me at night

And tucks me in.

She also takes me to stores

And buys me lots of things.

I love my mom.


Icon 2aBrian


My mother's like a rose.

She helps me with big words.

She is watching over me for a lot

Of reasons.

She loves me.

She makes me happy.

So, on Mother's Day

I will do something nice for her.


Icon 2aEmma K.