Poems About Art or Painting


Hi, your site is great! I have book-marked it for future reference. I wrote a poem this morning that you can use under "poems about art or painting"? We are giving paint sets to the kindergarteners this year as going away gifts and I wanted a relevant poem......


Paint Me a Picture...

Paint me a picture

Both happy and bright

That will light up my face

Both day and night

Paint me a world of make believe

Of princesses, dragons, and knights on steed

And when you are finished, 

I'll know what to do

I'll take out my paintbrush and paint one for you!

By: Donna Caraig



in a search for the meaning of life
art is in direct touch with everything else

it grows in the dark, flies to the light,
loves the unknown
makes you free

by Wis = Wieslaw Sadurski