Reading Strategies



Using the following strategies will help in children reading for meaning as opposed to just decoding words without understanding what is being read. Many children are terrific at figuring out what words say, but when it comes to understanding words in a sentence they cannot . Try these strategies:


Remember that sounding out words only works some of the time and can detract from your child's understanding of the text. Parents and students can find lots of reading help at Literacy4Kids.


Writing & Spelling

Editing work is an important part of developing effective story writing. Have your child reread work and go back to fix any mistakes that need fixing or make additions. Many children are able to write a complete sentence, but may forget a capital letter or a period, or omit words because they have not reread their story.

Inventive spelling is great at this stage, but ensure that the words your child has learned to spell in class are spelled correctly. Habits are hard to break!

Your child will most likely be gaining knowledge in some sort of spelling program at school. Encourage them to use their spelling words as they write. Too often, children see spelling words as separate items that are learned and then filed away. If they are able to spell them correctly on a test, have them spell them correctly when writing. In fact, insist on it.