Poems About Rules



Hallway Poem

My hands are hanging by my side

I'm standing straight and tall

My eyes are looking straight ahead

I'm ready for the hall.



My Promise

Each day I'll do my best,

And I won't do any less.

My work will always please me,

And I won't accept a mess.

I'll color very carefully,

My writing will be neat.

And I simply won't be happy

'Til my papers are complete.

I'll always do my homework,

And I'll try on every test.

And I won't forget my promise --

To do my very best!



Lining Up

I will not shove,

I will not push,

I will not try to pass.

I will not lag behind the rest,

I'll line up with my class!

We raise our hands to speak.

We work quietly at our seats.

We use voices soft and sweet.

We keeps our places tidy and neat.

We are helpful, friendly, and fair.

We take turns and willingly share.


Important Rules

(Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle)

Here are some rules for you and me,

See how important they can be.

Always be honest, be kind and fair,

Always be good and willing to share.

These are rules we all should know,

We follow these rules wherever we go.