The class has been writing some excellent poetry.  I am extremely proud of their progress this year!

After The Rain

After the rain

Flowers suck in the


After the rain

Animals drink from the puddles.

After the rain

Mist kind of disappears into the grass.

Then after the rain

The sun appears

Between the valleys

 of the mountains.

By: Andrew


In the spring

Flowers bloom.

It's nice and warm

The trees get their buds.

Animals come out from hibernating.

Nice, warm, silver, rain comes

Out of the sky.

Wind blows across your window...

It's nice and sunny and warm now.

Birds, laying eggs in their nest

What a wonderful sight spring is!!

By: Marissa


Winter is done.

Spring has now come,

It's time to soak- in some sun.

People sitting

People chatting

Oh, how much fun!

By: McKenzi

When Raindrops Fall

Raindrops could fall at any time

Raindrops could fall when you whine.

Raindrops could fall when you're

Here or there

They could fall when you're anywhere.

Raindrops could fall when you're at

School or NOT.

Raindrops could fall when you are

Tying a double knot!

Raindrops could fall on your Teddy Bear.

Raindrops can fall-


By: Patrick

Gold Sun

The gold sun,

Is a good sun.

People don't know it

But, the sun shows it.

The sun might be hiding, but,

He is still by you.

The rain or snow cannot hide the

Beautiful golden sun

That appears.

By: Philip



Beautiful flowers blooming

Nice WARM sun shining.

Rain falling on my head.

Trees shading me.

People planting seeds

That grow into flowers.

Animals coming out from hibernating.

That is Spring!

By: Shaina


The weather starts to get nicer

Flowers start to bloom.

It's nice and  warm.

Spring is like birds chirping,

Children laughing,

Silver raindrops coming down,

Frogs hoping,

Ducks quacking,

Baby chicks peeping,

Bugs crawling,

Clouds soft and white,

Rainbows glittering across the sky,

And birds flying high.

What a beautiful sight.

Now Spring has begun!

By: Julie

Spring Rain

Patter goes the rain

Gently on the windowpane.

Rain tells you a story of

Whistling winds,

And sleepiness.

Rain is a flapping robin eating

Worms on the soft, misty, ground.

Patter, patter goes the rain

Gently telling us...

It's April.

By: Erik


Listen to the birds chirping and singing.

While the flowers bloom the bugs are eating.

 The trees grows buds.

Baby roots start growing.

You start to see V's flying in the air.

You sit under trees that give you shade and

Listen to Nature.

Shoes fly off feet-

You feel the wet dew in the bright and early morning.

At 7pm the sun goes down.

See the sunset in the mid-air.

The next day the sun starts to rise, again.

The music begins...


By: Jaime



In the pond

There was a silver rock.

I found it very nice.

I took it very gently

While the robins sang

Like wind blowing in

My ears.

Kites flew in the sky.

Oh, This is my happiest day.

By: Daniel


A Flower

A flower needs time,

Time to bloom and grow

Ya, know!

It needs things

Things that you need:

Silver water,

Yellow food and clear air,

That's what a flower needs.

Flowers have colors like,

Orange, red, yellow, and violet.

Those colors are all over spring.

I'll say this from the


A flower needs time,

Time to bloom and grow,

Ya, know!

By: Kerri

It's Raining

It's raining very gently.

Hear the silver drops pat the ground.

Soon it will be sunny,

The wind will start to blow.

Kites will soar in the sky,

Making a rainbow of colors,

As they fly.

Some will be red,

Others will be orange,

The next few will be yellow,

Others are green,

Few will be blue,

The next few will be indigo,

The last are violet.

Now it is raining again,

And the kites will soar  high,

And when the sun comes out...

We will play and shout!

By: Jason

Spring Is Here

Spring is here

Beautiful flowers appear,

Silver  rain drops splashing

Here and there,

Splashing raindrops,


Trees growing buds,

Children flying their kites,

Now you know

Something about Spring.

By: Meghan


Spring is here,


I like the sunny days.

Flowers bloom,

The birds are chirping.

Grass is turning green.

Kids are playing in the park,

The sun is shining.

By: Chris


Warm sunny days that are hot,

Hamburgers in the pot.

Silver drips on the windowpane


Spring is here and not winter.

Flowers bloom in spring.

Spring is great and summer, too.

But, spring is the greatest of all.

By: Maria


In the spring the sun is out

Beautiful flowers are blooming outside.

Rain is falling from the sky.

Trees are growing from the rain above.

Animals are coming out from hibernating.

This is the beginning of spring.

By: Jimmy

It's Spring

Silver raindrops on our doors.

Flowers blooming hard.  

Leaves blowing all over the place.

The sun shining.

The wind blowing hard.

It's warm.

Here come beautiful flowers.

Don't you know?

It's Spring!

By: Jonathan


Spring is here,

Don't you know?

Springtime's here

What a wonderful show!

Flowers bloom and trees get buds

The wind flies across the sky

And pretty spring flowers appear.

Now you know some things about 



By: Jenna


One flower blooming.

Two bees buzz.

Three animals hibernating.

Four people wearing shorts.

Five silver raindrops.

Six squirrels playing tag.

Seven rabbits hopping.

Eight bright grasses.

Nine children playing at the park.


Spring has begun.

By: Alex


Spring is when it rains a lot 

You start to see the bees

We start to see birds fly high in the sky.

The trees will get buds.

That's what spring is all about.

In the spring the grass turns green.

The grass is nice and  soft.

By: Tyler



Sunflowers need:

A lot of water,

And sun because

that is why they call

them sunflowers.

Lots of caring, too.

They need to be outside not inside.

By: Ryan

In spring flowers grow.

They bloom such pretty colors,

And make a beautiful scent.

In spring the grass turns green,

Animals come out from hibernation,

It gets warm.

In spring, I love to catch grasshoppers

And stick them on my nose.

In spring beautiful birds come out

And sing their wonderful song.

I love spring!

By: Linda



Spring is warm.

The beautiful spring is waiting for you.

Spring will help you know

How flowers bloom.

Spring is going to be good

So, put on your hats

Go outside

Have some fun

And...run, run, run!

A second poem by: Philip