Stein's Silly Holiday Tongue Twisters


Santa saw seven snow sticks.   Steven

Say silly Santa seven times. 

Tongue twisters totally twist me.

By: Michael G.

Tyler took ten tiny toys.

Bobby has a big band.

Reader Rabbit ran really 'round a room.

Santa sent Sally some slinky snakes.

By: Maxwell


Silly Santa stole Sue's soup.

Tyler took two tiles to Taylor.

Brooke's baby brother bought  blue bottles.

By: Christopher


Tiny Timmy takes twenty toys.

Santa started up his sleigh singing some songs.

Eleven elves eat eight egged eels.

Bad Bridget bit a big black ball.

By: Justin

Silly Stevie stole seven snakes.  

Two cops told two kids the time.

Eight elves ate eight eggs.

By: Nicky


Silly Santa stole Susan's striped sweater.   Julianna

Seven snakes stole Santa's sleigh.  Shannon

Tara tossed talking trolls around a toy train. 

Sloppy Stephanie slurped seventeen Slurpes  from 7-11.

By: Kimberly C.


Busy bees buzzed by Beth's ear.  Natasha

Santa smelled Sam's scrumptious soup. 

Sam stole Santa's sleigh.

By: Amy







The toys threw three things to the teacher.  Annie

Christmas children carried cold chickens.

Santa saw seven sleeping sheep.

Teacher took toys from tiny Tommy.

By: Michael D.




Twelve teachers twirl ten twisty toys.

Richard Rabbit raced Rita running really fast.

Christina clapped Christmas symbols.


Brown - black bears break branches.  Jessica



Susie stole Santa's snowman.

Shannon  says Santa's sleigh sang silly songs.

By: Demi


Santa's sled slid smoothly over the snow.  Zachary M.



Rabbit Rifie ripped his wrapping paper.  Kimberly K.


See Santa's sleigh slide.  Vincent


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