Thomas Alva Edison

"Be courageous! Whatever setbacks America  has encountered, it has always emerged as a stronger and more prosperous nation.... Be brave as your fathers before you. Have faith and go forward!"  Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison,

A most unusual boy,

Never really bothered much

With any childish toy.


His teacher thought he couldn't learn

And sent him home from school,

But Tommy's mother knew for sure

He wasn't any fool.

He worked as newsboy on a train,

He learned to telegraph.

The way he concentrated

Made some people laugh.


Thomas Alva Edison

Had inventions by the score.

In his laboratory

He kept inventing more.


The phonograph, electric light

(With fuses, sockets, too),

A super storage battery,

And movies, were a few.


If not for Mr. Edison

How dull our lives would be!

We might not have the radio.

The X-ray, or TV!

By: Vivian Gouled


The Wizard

Who was the Wizard of Menlo Park?

He conquered the dark.

He pierced the night

with electric light

captured in bubbles,

glassy and tight!


Science or magic?

He even found

The way to capture the waves of sound

Upon a cylinder spinning round!

Machines to give us the tunes that swing~

The Wizard produced this wonderful thing!


Relaxing in play, he busied his brain,

Inventing his own electric train.

All his skeptical scientist friends

zoomed up the hills

and around the bends;

than thanked their host

for a wonderful lark~

Tom Edison, Wizard of Menlo Park!

By: Elsie S. Lindgren




Little Alva Edison

Wanted to know why

White snow fell

From a slate ~ gray sky.


Why there was a rainbow,

Why there was a dawn,

Why there were dewdrops

On the summer's lawn.


His friends and relations

With many a sigh

Called Alva Edison

"Little Why, Why."


But he learned the answers.

And he banished the dark.

Then they called him

The Wizard of Menlo Park.

By: Jean Brabham McKinney