On Valentine's Day

Love is in the air.


They're kisses everywhere!

If I pick a valentine

I know it won't be me.

Wait a minute.

Who would it be?

My mom of course.

By: Joseph


Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day

I shout, "Hurray!"

Eat all the chocolate I can.

People can hear valentine sounds.

Will you be my valentine?

You can wear pink and red.

Give my friends cards.

Kisses are flying with hearts

In the beautiful air.

By: Melanie

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day

My mom gives me a bear.

My dad gives me a box of chocolate.

Valentine's Day is when you give presents:

Candy, and cards, too.

Valentine's colors are red, pink and white.

Dad and mom come home from work

Saying, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

You kiss and you hug.

Valentine's Day is love

Just the way your mom loves you.

By: Brian


Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day

When I wake up

My mom calls me a sweet buttercup.

I buy my mom roses

They are red, white, and pink

Then I ask her...

Do they smell divine?

I make a card

It looks like a heart

Then I ask my mom,

"Will you be my Valentine?"

My mom bought chocolates

We ate them together!

By: Jennifer



What Do You See On Valentine's Day

What do you say on Valentine's Day?

Say, I love you

Or say, Will you be my valentine?

What do you see on Valentine's Day?

Cards, chocolates, flowers, hearts, and roses

The worst thing about Valentine's Day:

Is the kisses and the hugs!

Oh, no!

But, I know that I do

Love Valentine's Day.

But, do you?

By: Cash


The Little Bear Heart

Little Bear Heart, Little Bear Heart

How I love you, Little Bear Heart.

I'm going to take a nap

Put my head in your lap.

Love, love everywhere

There's love and kisses in the air.

I won't share my Little Bear Heart.

But, I can share my love

From above!

By: Kayleigh

What Is Love?

Love is when

You fall in love

With someone.

You ask them to be your valentine.

They might say, "Yes!"

If they do

It makes you happy that they're

Your valentine.

By: Oscar


Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day

I hear, "I love you!"

I see hearts that are

Red, pink, and white.

I also see kissing going on

But try to stay away from that.

On Valentine's Day

I get and I give

Cards, chocolates

Candy, and roses, too.

So I have one thing left to say.

"Will you be my Valentine?"

By: Laura


Kissy Face Valentine

On Valentine's Day

Mommy and Daddy kiss


It's really very disgusting.

But I guess it's what you do

When your in love.

So the night before

Valentine's Day

I used some bright pink paper

Cut out a heart.

I got mommy's pink lipstick

Put it all over my lips

Then kissed the heart all over.

Got mommy's smelliest perfume

Spread it all over the heart

Sprinkled sparkles.

Cut, paste, sprinkle,

Cut, paste, sprinkle.

Soon the valentine was done.

The next day of school

I put the valentine in

Front of the desk

That said, Lou

Then when you got to your seat

I said slowly,

"I love you."

Then I asked,

"Will you be my kissy face?"

By: Tara


Valentine's Day

Every Valentine's Day

We have a dance party

I forgot a valentine for you

But, I am so sorry.

My mom puts on the music,

Boo, boo, de do

It's Valentine's Day

So I love you.

On Valentine's Day I like to get


From my grandmas

They're so sweet

To give me a treat!

Happy Valentine's Day.

By: Timmy

Valentine! Valentine

Oh, Valentine

Oh, Valentine

I love you.

Chocolate roses,

I love them, too.

Cards with hearts

Red, white, and pink

I wrote my note with

Red, pink, and white ink.

Oh, how much sweetness

Is in the air,

I think it's really, really fair

That I get cards, chocolate roses,

and hearts.

I think giving a treat is  sweet.

If you want to kiss someone

Just put on lipstick and pucker up

Your lips!

By: Brandi