Words are fun.

Words are sweet

Words have special rhythms

And a beat.

When words meet

They never end.

Words are like 

A long, lost friend!

By: Dakota 

Words are fun

Every day and night.

Words are everywhere

In sight.

Some words are opposite

Like yes and no.

There are question words,

Is it time to go?

Words can be fantastic

Or fabulous

Or destroying.

So when you choose them

Choose them carefully

Make someone happy.

By: Kimberly K.


Words come from me and you

But, when you say them

I hope they're true.

Here are some rhyming words:



And birds, herds.

Here are some verbs:





Some of my classmates are still talking!

By: Steven


Words are something

That you say.

They always happen

In the day.

Words are fun

Like cold and chilly.

When you say them

They're just plain silly.

There are opposite words

Like smile and frown.

You can even say them

Up-side down!

By: Justin


Words are always fun to say.

When you're done with

Your work, you can play.

Here are some opposite words,



And stand-down.

Some words could even be 

A noun.

By: Amy


Words are special 

Like a painted tie

Especially when you look to

The dark, black sky.

Words are fun everyday

when someone says, "Well done!"

You shout, "Hip-hip-hurray!"

Here are some noun words,

Book, person, chair, and clown.

Here are some opposite words,

Yes and no,

Left and right,

Smile and frown.

By: Michael D.


Words are fun

Words are sleek

Words come out

Every day of the week.

It's okay to say

Words out loud.

You say words

Every day in a crowd.

Words can rhyme

Day and night

Like hike, and bike,

They're out of sight!

By: Demi


Words are fun

Words are snappy.

Many words make you happy.

Some words are opposites

Like hot and cold,

Or fast, and slow.

Words are found

Wherever you go.

By: Annmarie


Words are exciting

Especially words like:

Happy Birthday!

Weekends are here,

And vacations are near.

Words come in different sizes.

Small - Large

Tiny - Huge

Different shapes:

Square, triangle, and round.

Words can be exciting!

By: Julianna


There are words 

In my head

All day

Even when

I go out to play.

If you don't know a tooth fairy-

Look it up in the dictionary.

Words are neat

I just love them so

They tickle my feet!

By: Shannon

Words are fast

Words are slow

Words are fun

Like Attila the Hun.

Some words rhyme

like rock, sock

Time and sign.

Words can be

Spelling words

Like red, growth,


Know and backs,

Really, and tracks.

By: Zachary


Words are special like

Love on your birthday

And a special friend.

So let's begin

But never end.

So come on

Let's join the party

You can be the little


By: Annie