Site Description
60 Ways to Practice Spelling Great ideas to practice spelling such as: Scratch and Sniff spelling, using jell-o and glue, word cubes, spelling magic crayon resist art,
spelling puzzles, etc.
Teaching Handwriting to Kids Many links for teaching handwriting and teaching kids who are left handed. (Worksheets are included on this page)
Purpose of journals Giving the purpose of having journals
Having Voice Students, when writing, need to having "voice"
Possible Mini-Lessons for Writer's Workshop Possible issues to address for Writer's Workshop

For kids who need even more ideas.

Journal Writing  Discussion on journal writing and then some prompts to assist students. 
Reading Response Journal Ideas for students on what to put into a response journal.
Writing First Drafts  
How to Write a Story  
Spelling Words for the Year~ Grade 2 Spelling words for Second Grade
Spelling Words for First Grade Words first graders should be able to spell.
What Good Spellers Do Tools to help become a good speller
300 Most Common Words Words needed for reading and writing in Grades 1-3.
Writing4Kids Have kids send in writing to be published
Fix What Needs Fixing Checklist poster on how to fix kids writing
Online Literature Log Any student can fill out the form
CUPS Poster for checking writing errors
Making a Story Map Poster for setting, problem, goal, etc.
Month to Month Activities Activities for every month
Daily Writing Ideas

Ideas for daily writing by month.

Free Worksheets Tons of free worksheets and  awards for the classroom.