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The Blue Ocean of My Life

Blue is the color of the swaying oceans.

The blue jays  chirping in their nest.

Blue is the color of my sapphire ring.

Blue is also the color of my nail polish.


Blue is the color of the sky.

Navy blue is the color of my jeans.

Blue is the color of the earth

And is part of our Nation's flag.

It is the color of my shadow in the snow.


Blue is the color of my tears.

It's the color of the ice that I go on

Swaying but swift.


Blue is the color of my mom's blouse

And skirt.

Blue is the color of an Easter egg dyed blue.

Blue is my favorite color.

By: Melissa



Blue is the color of the deep, dark ocean.

Blue is a sparkling flag.

Blue is a beautiful rainbow in the sky.


Blue is on my pants with

Butterflies and flowers.

Blue is the color of Tara's  watery eyes.


Blue is a book with blue words.

Blue is the bookshelf

That Mrs. Stein puts books on.

Blue is the ice that is cold.

Blue is a nice color.

By: Taylor


What Is Blue?

Blue is a very sweet blueberry on a bush.

The pretty, sparkling sky.

The roaring sea.

A very silky scarf.

A really, big blue umbrella.

A cool blue hat.

A  part of the American Flag.

A sour, but sweet lollipop.

The blue stars twinkling at me.

All of this, so popular and 


By: Laura



What Is Blue?

Blue is the huge sky

When it's not raining.

Blue are the spots on a robin's eggs

And on blue jays bodies.


The American flag is blue

Along with red and white.

Blue is a very  sensitive 

And emotional color.


It is sad and gloomy.

Tasty, as blueberries

And the inside of a blueberry pie

Both are blue.


Blue is an emotion

I don't want to feel.


There are blue forget- me- nots

And violets that grow in beautiful gardens.

Blue is a color in a colorful rainbow.

Blue is one of the most lightest

And darkest crayons in a box of crayons.

The deep sea is blue, too.

By: Joshua




Bright Yellow

Yellow is a smile from you to me.

The bright, singing, sun.

My sister's hair

And her teddy bear.

The bright color in the rainbow.

A shining, shooting star.

Some sour lemons~

Oh, my heavens!

The part of bread called the crust.

And sparkling, fairy dust.

By: Tara


Yellow Is Awesome

Yellow is the color of a golden retriever.

It's also the color of the nice, shining sun.

And the smooth buttercup

Sparkling, when morning is done.


Yellow is awesome.

Yellow in lemonade 

A shining fish swimming through

The bluest water.

Yellow is the flaming fire in your



Yellow is awesome.

A small yellow gumdrop

In your mouth.

Yellow is the color in a rainbow.

It's also like yellow writing paper

On your letter.

Yellow is awesome.

By: Victoria


What Is Gold?

Gold is the nice, smooth sand.

Gold is a sparkling antique.

Gold is a seashell washing up on the thick shore.

Gold is the happiest joy inside of people.

Gold is a gleaming locket around your neck.

Gold is a star shining in the moonlight.

Gold is a crown full of beautiful jewels.

Gold is the sun glimmering in the daylight.

Gold is a sun shiny, gorgeous day.

By: Jennifer


What Is Gold?

Gold is a goldfish

Swimming in a wide bowl.

Gold is the color of sweet honey 

Just being opened.

Gold is glimmering rings

And the sparkle of fire.

Gold is the color of beautiful

Smelling flowers.

Gold is the color of

A golden retriever and

A gold metal.

Gold is the color of a glowing,

Star shining 

In the darkest night.

By: Emma V.








Purple is a fluffy sweater.

Purple is beautiful violets.

Purple is a toy.

Construction paper can be purple.

It can be wrapping paper.

Earrings are purple.

So, are rings.

Purple T-shirts are purple

And so are pants.

Plums, too.

Bruising your thumb is


Sparkly glitter can be purple.

Roses are purple, too.

Berries on a tree,

Purple erasers and pencil sharpeners

Purple umbrellas, too.

Purple is part of the rainbow.

By: Melanie



What About Green?

Green is the color of Joshua's shirt.

Green is the color of my favorite toy.

I see a piece of green paper by me.

I see a green pencil by me.

I see green books.

I see a green frog.

I have a green chair.

I have green pajamas.

I see green grass at school.

I see a green tissue box.

By: Michael


What Is Green?

Green is the small, little

Leprechaun that sees some gold.

Green is the grass that's between

My toes and the moss between my


Green is the buds that are

On the trees

So that in the spring they will


Green leaves.

Green is the jumpy frog that

Jumps from lily pad to

Lily pad.

Green is for the juicy grapes that

Explode with juice in my mouth.

In the rain

I use my green umbrella.

By: Timothy



Green is the smooth lily pads.

Green is a rainy raincoat.

Green is also an old binder.

Grassy, beautiful mountains are green.

Green is a small apple to eat.

Green can be cups ready to drink out of.

Green is the color of a short,

 scary witch.

Green is the color of a person's face

who is sick.

Green is two shoes of an elf.

Green is a cool color.

By: Brian


What Is Green?

Green is nice, juicy grapes.

The grass blowing all around.

Green is spinach

That doesn't taste good,

And a leaf flying high in the sky.

Green is a shamrock

Tall and proud.

Green is green tea

That will calm you down.

A four leaf clover

Falling in my hands

Feeling lucky when it lands.

By: Mary



What Is Red?

Red is a heart beating.

And red can be a red coat

Or a fisherman's boat.

Red is the color of anger.

Red is the color of an apple

Or the color of lipstick.

Red is the color of a cherry.

Red is the hot sun.

Red is the color of Santa's suit.

Red is the color of red sun

On Japan's flag.

Red is the color of the school's


Red is the color of a bow.

Red is the color of a headband.

Red is my second favorite color.

By: James



What Is Orange?

Orange is the hot pizza that

Burns your throat.

Orange is a great text book.

Orange is the best.

Orange is the color of a

Kansas pencil.

Orange is an ice-cream.

Orange is the best.

Orange is a nice, beautiful bug.

Orange is a bag of

Sweet candy.


By: Cash


What Is Silver?

The silver comet shooting to space

Silver is the stars shining above me.

Silver, also is my last name

Spelled differently.

Silver pots and pans stand

Out and glow.

Silver is the rainbow

Glimmering over me.

It is like a vision

Of me

Just standing there


Silver shines everywhere I go.

By: Joseph


What Is Pink?

Pink is a rose that sparkles

In the sun.

Pink is a book cover that you read.

Pink is a girl's cheek in the winter.

Pink is one of the colors of the rainbow.

In the sky's night.

Pink is paper that you write on.

Pink is nail polish  that you

Paint your nails with.

Pink is a marker that you color with.

A pink balloon that flies high in

The sky.

Pink is food coloring

That you put on Easter eggs.

Pink could be a girl's headband.

Pink is a shirt that has a heart

On it.

Pink is a warm, fuzzy blanket.

By: Emma K.