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Mrs. Susan Stein

I hosted a Poetry Club, every Wednesday, for 10 weeks.  We tried many different types of poetry throughout that time slot, and had tons of fun exploring them. I hope you find some of them interesting.

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Inside Outside Poetry

Teacher Rhymes

Nature Poetry

Candy Land Poetry

Dream Poetry

Imagery Poetry

Question Poetry

Poetry For Fun


Seven Poetry


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Dear Poets,

I've just been to the site and read your poetry!  You have done a lot of
thinking and a lot of creating!  I liked the way you dealt with some
important issues, such as the environment, and I liked the way you were
able to laugh at yourself in the Inside-Outside poetry.  These formats were
so widely varying, and yet you came up with terrific poetry for every one
of them!

I really liked the Seven Poems.  Next year, when I work with first graders,
I think we will have to do Five poems!  There are a lot of books, such as
Five Speckled Frogs and Five Little Monkeys, that I can read and then we'll
write poems.  I think we will have to read your Seven Poems before we
write, though!  Your poems will really help them understand what to do!

Thank you so much for writing and sharing your poetry.


Mrs. Nixon


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Inside - Outside Poetry first describes someone as the person he or she thinks other people might see, focusing on those things which they don't especially like.  The second stanza then describes the person as the perfect boy or girl of their dreams.


My inside self and my outside self are

different as can be.


My outside self wears what's in style. 

A face so ugly.

A stupid, crooked smile. 

Big, big feet

As smelly as can be.



My inside self is different as you will see.

I'm an athletic-football player

As small as a can

But, inside of me,

I'm a MACHO MAN!!!

By: Erik


My inside self and my outside self

are different as can be.


My outside self wears fat, baggy clothes.

Two feet like bear paws,

Elephant ears,

With lots of fears.


My inside self is different you can see.

A rad, awesome dare devil

doing stunts inside of me.

Filled with care, and a gentle person.

A lovely, lovely doctor,


That's what I'll be.

By: Andrew


My inside self and my outside self

Are different as can be.


My outside self wears metal, red, braces

And short is she.

With huge, brown, wide, eyes

It's just plain, old me!


My inside self is different

You will see.


My inside self is a tom boy,

Soccer player

With a twinkle in the eye

And beautiful, smooth skin

Running past the defense



By: Jaime


My outside self and my inside self

Are different as can be.


I hate my over-lapping teeth.

My face being hidden by

The straight, blond hair.

Wishing I could have brown, curly hair.

I dislike my great, big feet

But, that's not fair!


My inside self is different

You will see.


Taking ten showers a day

Spraying perfume on

Till people choke.

Make-up and make-up and make-up


Riding in a limo,

Being famous.

What a cool thought!

By: Kerri


My inside self and my outside self

are different as can be.


My outside self wears uncomfortable,

But, cool clothes.

Tiny freckles as dumb as can be

With crocked top front teeth

I think you should agree.


My inside self is different

You can see.

I'm not really uncomfortable

With the skin I wear.

Filled with kindness and much loving.


Running past bases in a baseball game.

Scoring a run

And just having fun.

All my friends

Think I'm funny.

By: Shaina



My inside self and my outside self

are different as can be.


My outside self

Has yucky bumps on my stomach.

Brown, knotty, curly hair.

Warm, cozy clothes

Small feet

that I can't bare.


My inside self is different

You can see.

A beautiful butterfly 

fluttering around a flower

Filled with glee.

Pretty, kind and happy.

I feel sometimes

rather shy

Sometimes sad

and sometimes 

feeling like I'm shy.

By: Meghan





Candy Land Poetry


In Candy Land the streets were pink and purple

Sweet, tasty gum drops hung

But when I walked in the rain forest

the tall trees were tubes filled with yellow honey.

Growing on them were green jelly beans.

The dirt was Reeses Pieces. 

When I walked on them they

Smushed into peanut butter filling.


The streams were made of 7up

Fizzing and bubbling in your face.

They're surrounded by crunch bar mountains-

Tall and chocolately.

There were also gingerbread men fishing

for fish crackers.

Just when I got to the lollipop trees,

My big sister woke me up!

By: Erik



If I had a world all to myself

The worms would be gummy worms

And the dirt would be chocolate bars.

All the trees would be graham crackers

And the leaves would be made of green icing.

The clouds would be cotton candy and

The sun would be an over-grown M&M.

The grass would be green, jolly ranchers and

The water would be ice-cream.

All the people would be gingerbread men.

And no matter how much I ate

It would never fade away.

I'd never get a tummy ache.

By: Linda




Question Poetry

This poetry pattern can be used to question anyone or anything.  It can be rhyming or free verse. 


Oh, Shark in the sea

Why are you sad

as can be?

Why can't you be happy?


Oh, my friend

This water is dirty

All the fish are dying.

I need a new home.

Can you help me?


I will spread the word

To clean up beaches,

Oil spills and such.


Thank you, so very much.

By: Erik



Oh, Tree!

Why are you so sad?

Why aren't you glad?

Did someone hurt you?


Oh, child!

I am sad because my family

has been cut down.

Nobody has hurt me yet!!


I have a solution!

We'll help stop pollution

By sending a note

To the President.

Plant more trees

and don't cut them down.

Then you will be able to grow

Help keep our planet safe

By cleaning the air.



Now I will have a good life.

By: Shaina

tree and birds





Doggy, laying down

Why do you have on a frown?

Why aren't you happy?

Oh, my friend

My owners have a cat now

I feel like I'm at wits end.


I know what to do.

I can help you through

I will play with you

By throwing your ball

Even if you're small.

It won't matter.


Oh, child

Thank you

My life will be so much better

With a friend to play with.

By: Jaime 


Rain Forest

Rain Forest in Africa

Why do your plants look dead?

Why don't bugs and animals 

live here anymore?

Hasn't this disaster been

here for almost a year?

Oh, my friend

It has! It has!


They cut down trees

They put me on fire!

Before I was destroyed

People came to admire.

How can you help me?


The world has changed

It's a different place

People are greedy

And building all over

Never once thinking about

What they have destroyed.

How can I help you?

I truly am not sure.

Writing, reading and

Educating is what I will do

To educate children like me

and like you.

By: Meghan






The point of this is to encourage imagery and careful word choices. The images are an instrument that the poet uses to express his or her intentions or feelings. Understanding the use of images means understanding the essential meaning of the poem. Think of images as useful "tools" that the poet uses in order to reveal or explain the meaning that is in the poem.  The Poetry Pals Club decided to choose animals for their imagery.


When I am in my room

I am like a bunny.

Hopping over green bushes.

When I reach the end

The golden sun shines

On my brown fur.

By: Shaina


When I am in my yard

I am like a Cheetah.

Running and pouncing on my


When I am tired

I lay in the yellow sun...

And rest!

By: Shaina


I'm Like A Dragon

When I'm at home

I'm like a big, black dragon just

Kind of crawling along the cold floor.

I make snarling noises.

And when I get tired

I slither like a snake up into my bed.

All cozy and warm under my nice covers.

I fall asleep like I was dead.

By: Linda


I am like an angry boar stomping

All over the ground

When I get annoyed at someone.

I am like a mad dog drooling

All over your shirt when people get mad

at me.

When I am at school I am like a fish

Zooming across a river

Dying to finish my work


I can go home and rest.

By: Patrick


When I am at home

I am like a snarling, black bear.

When I play basketball

I am like a bear that has just been

Awaken from its winter sleep.

When I'm hungry

I'm like a bear that has ripped apart

a deer.

But, when I'm tired

I pounce into my gray cave and go gently

back to sleep.

By: Erik


I am like a worm slithering up and down.

 I pop up!

I stay as still as the black night.

A bird comes to land on the ground.

It peeks at me.

I slither quickly away to the

outside of the trees,


for a rest

In the golden moonlight.

By: Kerri



Spots is a 





Leopard Gecko.

By: Shaina




Seven Poetry


There were seven dancers

Dancing on a stage

The first twirled off

And fell in a rage.

The second one laughed

all through the day

The third was spinning quickly

The fourth danced in a play.

The fifth wanted a break

The sixth kept on going

The seventh was so happy

She was glowing!

By: Jaime


There were seven cats

Chasing a gray mouse

The first ran off

And jumped on my blouse!

The second one was really fast

The third one climbed up a tree

The fourth one had a blast.

The fifth one had to itch a flea

The sixth one was so cute

He decided to follow me.

The seventh one just disappeared from sight

But, he gave my mother a really bad fright!

By: Shaina




There were seven lions

Resting in the shade

The first one saw a hunter

And hid from his blade.

The second one jumped into a hole

The fourth one tripped over his own feet.

The fifth one wished he had a tub.

The sixth one was taking care of it's cub.

The seventh one ran right down the street.

By: Erik

Lion 5 


There were seven Ninjas

Swing their swords.

The first wandered off

And play the piano chords.

The second got hit with a Ninja blade.

The third was jumping

And the fourth one's name was Jade.

The fifth wanted sushi

The sixth wanted his game.

The seventh one went on saying,

"It's just not the same!"

By: Andrew




Nature Poetry


The mist of the earth

Pushing against my cheek

Cooling my face

Green wet grass 

trying to squeeze through my toes

To get fresh air

The graceful wind lifting my blond hair

to cool my sweaty neck

Nature speaks to me.

By: Kerri




The braveness of the wild


The slimy, slick skin of a bullfrog

Canada's slushy, blue waters

Where salmon run like leaves

Riding on a gust of wind.

The rain that makes paths of water

The spiky pine trees that are home

To so many critters.

The mist of the mountains

That warms your soul~

And my heart soars!

By: Andrew



The lighthouse beaming across

the ocean's surf

Waterfalls trickling down the

large rocks.

Maine's mountains in the misty


The farmer's fields swaying

back and forth

When I look around

I see the frogs hopping

in the turquoise swamp.

I feel big about Nature.

It speaks to me.

By: Erik



A giant, triangular mountain

Sitting above a lake

Tall trees swaying

In a gentle breeze

Showing us life is here!


Squirrels romping,

Playing tag together



Back and forth.


Making Nature fun

All over again.

By: Patrick


The beauty of the beach

The clear, blue ocean

Filled with tropical 

sea creatures

and trapping my feet.

The ocean speaks to me.

By: Meghan



The beauty of Nature

flows through the air.

Like the swaying of trees

And the laughing of children playing.

This is...

the beauty Nature holds.

By: McKenzi






Dream Poetry


When I fall asleep

I'm in Cyber World

Where frogs float on cars

And scientists invaded

Red, red, Mars.

By: Andrew

I wake up in my dream

But, how does it seem?

I'm on a stage on point

At a Broadway Show.

People are giving me gifts galore

And when my sister's try to get


People say, "Shhhhh!

We're listening to Kerri."

By: Kerri



I may be dreaming

But wouldn't it be great if...

...I'd be swimming in the ocean with all the tropical fish 

and dolphins.

...I go up to shore and I see a turtle

just laying there like a rock.  I go to pick 

it up and then~

"Honey, it's time for school!" mom calls to me.

Goodbye, dream

I'll catch you another night.

By: Meghan




I've been awake for at least two hours

But finally, I'm sleeping.

I've fallen into this very neat world where there are:

...Tropical flowers and all kinds of lizards

A sweet scent of coconut juice fills the air

And then I see something

That makes me smile.

It's a baby dragon.

It wants me to play.

So, we play for hours

Then I wake up...

Look on my dresser

There's a note and it says,

"Thanks for the great time that

we spent together.  It was so much fun.

Love your friend,

The Dragon."

By: Linda


Why are my dreams so freaky?

With things that are so creepy.

Slippery, drippy, creatures

They have such scary features.

Sharp claws, and teeth

Red eyes, glowing in the dark

Loud sounds that fill my room ~

Suddenly, a hand touches my shoulder~

I freak out!

Walking, really running now, through a 

forbidden forest...

Was scary.

But, I realize now, it was only

A freaky, creepy, dream.

By: Jenna



In my bed

I was Patrick Ewing.

I did a slam dunk and

Hit my head.

I ran slickly through the court

To the highest basket.

Then I did a layout.

Soon I was on the floor

All tangled up in my blanket.

No slam dunks~

Just my stupid, old, room.

By: Erik



I may be dreaming,

but wouldn't it be great if~

...I was a soccer player.

When my mom tucks me in

I dream that I'm 

On the soccer field.

The score is tied

4 to 4

The other team has the ball

I was the defense...


They kicked the ball.

The crowd was now on their feet.


My team had the ball now.


I could go on, 


My eyes opened to the daylight


I saw my soccer ball sitting on my toy box.

By: Jaime



One night I went to bed

and woke up on a beach instead.

I could feel the water

splashing on my feet

I could see the water

melting into the sand.

The sun overhead shining on my back.

I could hear the laughing of

the children.

My heart sings.

By: McKenzi




Rhyming Poetry

Our classroom teacher, Mrs. Hill

Really knows how to thrill.

But, when she teaches us script

My hand feels nearly ripped!

By: Andrew


Our Preschool teacher, Mrs. Brandi

Made me feel very handy.

But, when she made us do circle time

I felt that it was a big crime.

By: Erik



Our teacher, Mr. Noodle

He really likes to doodle.

But, when his doodling comes alive

It makes everybody do a hand jive.

By: Kerri



Dancing Bear

Once there was a Dancing Bear

Who flew into the air.

I think she doesn't care.

So why did she fly into the air?

By: McKenzi




Poetry for Fun



The cold chills of winter,

Animals scattering for food

Bears hibernating in their

cozy dens.

Birds flying south for the


Children playing in the cotton, soft-like snow

And the trees are cold and



By: Jenna




I stand at the ocean's shore

My feet feeling the coldness

Yet, the beauty of the movement of

the white-capping waves 

Sing a song to the shore.


People coming

Hand in hand to

Taste the salty air

And feel the power of

The breathless ocean.


The emptiness of winter

Peering out across dunes

Of private homes~

I am wondering...



Why the loneliness of

This time of year

Makes me feel so blue.

~Mrs. Stein



If I Had a Dragon

If I had a dragon

It would be special.

My mom would say that it is not


My sister would ask,

"What will you feed it?"

I'd bravely say, "The cat!"

By: Erik


I sprang out of my messy bed!!

Ran to the living room 

and scrambled through the presents

to try and see a shape of a Beebe gun.  

I got so shocked because I didn't see

a single box shaped as I thought it might be.

(I'd only shoot cans!)

Maybe Santa thought

I was bad~

I wasn't

So, that made me mad.

Then my mom and dad walked out

 of the kitchen

With a striped box

Shaped just like a Beebe gun.

Woooooooo Doffff!!!!!!!!!!

By: Erik



When I Go To The Moon

When I go to the moon

I will fly up

High into the sky.

I will stay there from

The day of light

Until the darkness of 

the night.

I would get a chance to


The rough moon rocks


Craters and the USA flag.

Now, I will go home

Get snuggled in my bed

And fall fast asleep.

By: Jenna 




Nature Is Clear To Me


The sand skimming across my feet

The water splashing on the sandy shore

A school of fish scattering to the ocean floor

A giant shark thundering through the water.

Nature is clear to me.

By: Patrick


What's behind the couch...

a ripped up teddy bear,

balls of hair,

melted candy,

a wrench that might

come in handy.

A toy hawk,

another teddy bear

that could talk.

A tire from our car,

And lastly

a big silver bar.

By: Erik

When I Looked In My Desk

When I looked in my desk

A monster grabbed my


And he squirted me

With a plastic hose.

He wrestled with my thumb.

He is very dumb.

He zapped me with his eye

Then I heard his little cry~

"You're going to die!"


He's a green, bodied

Eye zapping,

Nose squirting,

Breath taking

Annoying, little

Monster that


His name is Shoot.

I'd like to shoot him

To Mars.

He even has a nick-name.

It is Lars.

He hangs out at bars.



You learn a lot when you

Look inside of your desk.

By: Erik


titlethewatercycleatwork.gif (6426 bytes)


I can hear the rain

Splattering on my

Window pane.

I felt so frightened

Maybe my window

Could be tightened.

I walked to the 

Window sill

Shut my window

And stood very still.

Now I can see the beauty

Of the rain

Continuing to fall

On my window pane.

By: McKenzi





Awkward apes avoiding

Ten army tanks in Africa.

By: Andrew


Seven snakes slithering slowly

Toward the soft sand.

By: Linda


Dangerous Dragons devouring

Delicious Desserts

In the dainty Dragon Diner

In December.

By: Linda


Terrible tortoise torturing

Ten tiny tarantulas.

By: Patrick






My Friendship is like...

Shining stars in the sky.

Pools of tears when you cry.


You never judge a person by her looks.

When I'm hurt

You always make me feel better, Courtney.

Best friends forever.

By: Jenna


You Guys Make My Day


You guys make my day

Because of all the things you say.

You guys care for me so,

It makes my heart all aglow.

Our friendship is like one  million

rubber bands

Because God holds it

In his hands.

You dudes light up my life!

Joe, Erik, and Anthony

By: Andrew




You are like my right hand,

Like a penny in my pocket,

I'm almost always there for you

I hope you will do the same .

Together we are like

 a red, white and blue pin,

A golden heart .

I could share my special thoughts with you.

You could light up an entire room

With just your smile.

You're my best friend, Amanda.


Friends listen to each other

Rolling along 

We succeed in our friendship.

I'm longing to see you tomorrow.

Now that you know

I wrote this poem for you're my very, best friend in

the whole world.

By: Jaime


What My Friend Is


Your hair is like

the golden sunshine

When the biggest star shines

I know it's you.

The wind blows in my face and 

I know...

It's you.

The splashing waves hit me~

It's you, again.

Your eyes are like brown,

yummy chocolate.

That's what you are to me!

My special, best friend.

By: Shaina





When I'm with you

I could share the things that 

I feel.

When I'm hurt,

You can heal.

Sometimes, I am wrong.

But, you are still by best


When I cry

You're always there

To make me feel better.

When we are much older

And both die

We'll still remain

Best friends...

In Heaven.

By: Erik





You are like a star

Shining down on me.

Depending on me~

You always cheer me up

When I'm blue.

You're like a sister

To me.

Our friendship will never end!

By: Meghan



My Best Friend


You're like the sun shining

The wind blowing against

My face.

You make me laugh.

You're as pretty as a rose.

You have never let me down.

You are always by my side.

My best friend, Kaityln.

By: McKenzi



My Best Friend

You're my best friend

And you've always been there for me.

You've helped me through hard times.

You've been my light, you see.

Shining through the darkness

A rainbow that never fades away

That's why

I wrote this

Poem for you


By: Linda




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