What is a Bully?

This question was asked to a group of Second Graders.  I never gave them any explanation or prompts  as to what a bully is.  I just wanted to see their natural responses.  Here is what they said.


A bully is:

someone who pushes you around

never leaves you alone

tells you what to do

picks on you

calls you names

says things you don't want them to

treats you badly

hurts you

takes your snack or lunch money

is mean to you


threatens you

beats you up

takes things from you

punches you

insults you

doesn't care about you or your feelings

embarrasses you in front of people

calls you nasty names




I found this to be right on target with how I was going to approach this subject.  In fact, my students surprised me!  They definitely know what a bully is.