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wacky web tales

Online Magnetic Poetry

Everyday Spelling Grade 2


Room 108Stories

To the lobby ofThe Internet Public Library--Story Hour



  Whootie Owl   Loads of stories        for all seasons and moods.  

Room 108 Spelling

  • Common words  
  • (Grade 1-2)
  • Number words (Grade 2)
  • Animal words (Grade 2)

Kids' Corner

Poetry & Haiku

Bedtime Stories

  Whimsical Bedtime-Stories
Just For Kids Who Love Books

    Fairy Tale Links



Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales

paw_bluebutton.gif (101 bytes)Spelling Word Hangman

paw_bluebutton.gif (101 bytes)Homonyms Matching Game

paw_bluebutton.gif (101 bytes)Contraction Concentration

paw_bluebutton.gif (101 bytes)The Scrambler

paw_bluebutton.gif (101 bytes)The Story Teller

 paw_bluebutton.gif (101 bytes) Spelling Game for First Graders

 paw_bluebutton.gif (101 bytes)  All games


Hear Online stories




Korky pictureKorky's Cool Rhyme Machine


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