The New Baby


     One day a six year old boy, named Tommy, was playing in the backyard, when his mother said, "I'm going to have a baby!"  Tommy screamed and cried because he didn't want his mom to have a baby.


     Months passed by.  But,  Tommy couldn't get it out of his head what his mother told him.  He just kept thinking about it.


     Soon it was time to go to the hospital.  Tommy's mother had the baby.  It was a a girl.  They named her Chrissy.


     Mom was always busy with the baby.  She had to be changed, fed, and of course played with.


     Tommy, one day, tried to ask his mom if he could have some ice-cream, but she was too busy paying attention to Chrissy.  So Tommy decided to mess up the whole house.   Tommy's mom told him to go to his room.  He stayed in his room for a couple of minutes.  Soon his mom came into his room and asked him why he was doing all those bad things.  Tommy replied, "You never pay attention to anything I do or ask for anymore, only the baby."

     So he finally told her that all he wanted was ice cream.  Mom went into the kitchen and gave him his favorite, and even added some sprinkles! 


     Mom told Tommy that she would from now on pay attention to both of them.  Tommy was very happy!


By: Kerri, Marissa, Meghan and Julie