On April 22 Earth Day celebrates it's 36th Anniversary!

Hope some of these activities will inspire you all year long to help save our wonderful planet.

Teachers Links




Celebrate Earth Day with the Lorax


Earth Day- Kids Domain


Friends of the Earth


Billy Bear's Earth Day


Kids F.A.C.E. For A Clean Environment


Earth Day In Your Neighborhood


   Earth Day Games


  Earth Day Groceries Project


    Earth Day Activities


    Earth Day in New York 


      Crabby Kathy: Story about our environment

             Sharon Finds the Environment


Nature Recycling Coloring Book





For Teachers

Earth 911:  Making Every Day Earth Day

Games and activities, books to read.


Earth Murals

This project is dedicated to involving children in all 50 states and across the globe in the creation of murals that focus on recycling and giving back to the earth. 


Earth Day 2002- Brought to you by The Wilderness Society
Teachers, researchers and students will find The Wilderness Society's Earth Day website the best source of info about Earth Day, with photos and a history of the first Earth Day.

Earth Day Network
Earth Day Network 2002 coordinating worldwide events for Earth Day 2002 and beyond. Environmental tips, clean energy campaign, organizing materials, activist network, eco-store, Grist Magazine.

Kids for Saving Earth, Environmental Education
Kids for Saving Earth National Organization. Educate, inspire, and empower children to protect the Earth's environment.

Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activities Book
An 11-page publication available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Dive In To Earth Day: 2002
International celebration offering hundreds of underwater and shore activities at dive sites throughout the world during the week of Earth Day, April 15-22, 2002.


Earth Day - Planet Pals Earthzone
Kids can find out the reasons for Earth Day and look up fun activities to do to celebrate it, or send stickers and cards to friends.




Saturday, March 20, 1:26 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) or 18:26 UTC (Greenwich, England)

Nature's Day all over the world.

The Peace Bell
  at the United Nations in New York
  will ring at 1:26 AM EST - 
the beginning of Spring.

One global common moment 
celebrating life
 with dedication of heart and mind
 to think and act
 as responsible Earth Trustees.

We are one human family and have only one Earth.





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