Enhancing Kids Memory



I have noticed, after speaking to many parents, that kids with learning problems are disorganized and are very forgetful. This happens in school and out.  How many times does your child forget something in school after the teacher reminded him/her several times?

  I know, they are in a hurry to get home and they get forgetful.  Wrong!  They just are disorganized.  Even their brain is disorganized.  


Kids need to stimulate their brain to think, remember, and organize.  Organization means not just their thoughts, but their desk at school, and their room at home.  I realize that you keep reminding your child until you feel like you are nagging, but you're not.  

Below are some websites with articles that may be helpful.  I will also give you some of my own thoughts that have worked in the past. 


1.  Have your child jot down in a small notepad things that need to be done or remembered.

2.  Teach your child where things should go when they have finished playing, undressing, etc.  You might even want to color code things that go together.

3.  Before tucking your child into bed discuss things that happened in school.  This is a quiet time for you and your child.  Sometimes things are bothering them and this is when it comes out. (Not having enough time to jot down reminders can be one problem.)

4.  Inspect their room to make sure everything is organized and things like toys and books are put back in the correct spot. If not everything is organized the way you would like but some things are, always praise them for trying.  

 For young children play a game with them.  Where did you put your Lego's?  Under the bed? Hopefully they will respond in a meaningful way.


This is terrific!  You can listen to interviews  and get super suggestions on a variety of topics. You can also go to the Home Page and begin there.


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